Should I purchase Magic bands?

I’m staying offsite and purchased tickets from UT and also purchased MM. Would it be less to keep up with/more expedient if I purchased magic bands? I’m 27 days out, is that even enough time to order them in?

27 days should be enough time; however, I would wait until you get there and save on the shipping. They can be linked to your MDE at the registers. However, make sure your tickets and MM are linked to your My Disney Experience first.

That said, they are definitely handy. There is something to be said about not having to worry about carrying all those different cards around. Personally, if I’m gonna buy any, I would spend a little more and get the special edition ones (like Haunted Mansion, etc). (I think those are only available at the parks). They are double the price though. But I figure if I’m buying, I may as well make it a souvenir too.

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Does the MM show up somewhere on the app? I see the purchase when I go online but It doesn’t seem to exist on the app. As far as the tickets being linked; if I’m able to make FP then they’re good to go, correct?

The pictures show up via the photopass link on the website. (Often I’ll access MDE via the web in chrome or safari instead of the app because the app is usually very slow and still buggy).

If you can make your FPPs, then your tickets are linked correctly. And once your bands are activated, the FPPs will be there.

Nothing is stored on the bands. The bands just link to your MDE account. So if your MDE account is all squared away, the bands should work.

Nope we found out while we there they now have them at DTD. At least some of them are…

And I vote to get them if it’s not too financially straining. We loved them because they make everything so easy. I wouldn’t want to have to fish out cards every time we entered the park or went to use a FP or MM.

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I should’ve been more specific and included DTD as a possibility. Thanks for the assist @Outer1!!!

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I think they were only available in the parks for awhile. I don’t recall whether or not the haunted mansion one was there or not. I had briefly thought about getting the MVMCP one but in the end didn’t figure it would be worth it for us since we’d both gotten two regular ones already.

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I know a little girl that would love either of the frozen ones. Thanks! We may visit DTD prior to our park days to pick up a couple.

I know I’m a little late to the game on this topic, but I think I read somewhere that if you’re not staying on property (which I won’t be when I go in Sept) that you can’t link credit cards to your magic band. Is that correct? I was considering buying at least one to link everything to, but if we can’t put the credit card on there it might not be worth it since we’ll have to carry a wallet anyway.