Should I or shouldn't I? Room request at the Poly

So the question isn’t whether to put in a room request - that will happen. But I’m trying to decide whether to request something outside of our category. Here’s the story:
Stayed in August 2015 and 2016, Fiji, Marina side, third floor, which was then a Garden (standard) view. Loved it. When we returned in 2017, using Touring Plans, I figured out that that side of Fiji was no longer Garden view. So, I dug around in Touring Plans, and found that Rarotonga third floor faced towards the quiet pool and you could get a partial view of fireworks. Sounded good, so I requested that and got it. Pool view wasn’t great but good enough to see whether it was open or not during afternoon showers. Third floor has always been the priority to get a balcony where we can lay our suits out to dry and sit outside for a bit.
We skipped Disney last year and now that it’s time for me to put in this year’s room request…of course the views have changed again and that whole side of Rarotonga is considered a pool view. Honestly, if I was paying for a pool view, I’d be mad, because some room views look to be partial at best and most don’t have any view of water whatsoever!
Which leads me to my thought. Do I request third floor Rarotonga facing the pool, even though I can see it’s a different category? (I know this isn’t recommended, TP wise, but honestly…) Or do I just request third floor Rarotonga and let the chips fall where they may, since the other side facing the monorail is basically our second choice? Or kind of combine those two and ask for third floor Rarotonga, especially facing pool if at all possible?
Apparently I’m distracting myself from checking every five minutes to see if the EMM Toy Story party has magically opened up four spots for my morning since I messed up and didn’t get it in time…by focusing on the smallest detail about room requests.
TIA for your advice/just for reading my novel.
PS. I would definitely upgrade to get the view I want if it’s reasonable, but since I booked with MV on a discount, it’s probably not. Tried before.

You should never request outside of category. If you want another category you should pay for it. If you request outside of category they will not know where to place you within category. You’ll end up with the luck of the draw

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I KNEW this, but I needed the reminder. Thank you!

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And just to add the Polys grounds are so pretty I can’t imagine a bad view!


I would just put in a third floor request. Then stop by the check-in desk. It can’t hurt to ask if they would be willing to upgrade. My guess is you would then have to pay for the upgrade. But again, you will never know unless you ask.

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