Should I go on this cruise that you can't go on?

So here are my thoughts after sleeping on it.

Take the Liverpool cruise in July. It will be new and exciting. If it’s cancelled because of COVID, then everything is.

Reschedule my August WDW trip to early December. The later I leave it, the better the trip is likely to be. New attractions opened. 50th in full swing. Maybe no masks at all. Fireworks and parades back. FPP back. And, financially, it makes sense if I’m doing the cruise. This would be a split stay. Something like six nights at Pop, two nights at UOR. It will have been two years since my last trip.

Reschedule my December DLP trip to April, for my birthday. This makes more sense, too. Right now, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is covered in scaffolding. And, you know, COVID. And they’re doing all kinds of building at Walt Disney Studios. April is nearly a year away. Things have got to be better all round by then, surely?

Maybe try to sneak in a quick DLP trip in early September.


Hmm. Well. There have been some — brace yourselves, I know this is unexpected — changes to the changes of plan.

But, first: I have paid the deposit on the July cruise.

I’m all in. I’ve booked parking at the terminal. A hotel room for the night before. I’ve arranged childcare. It’s happening. I’m committed.

WDW is back to August. Two main reasons. First, when I looked into changing my flights to December, the prices were significantly higher. As was CSR. Second, I’m meeting some friends in Florida in August and they were really disappointed by the planned delay and talked me out of it.

August is my preferred time. I’m now leaving it to fate. If I’m allowed to go, and quarantine on my return is reasonable, I’ll go. If not, I won’t. Disney, UOR and Virgin will let me reschedule at pretty short notice.

This does mean I may well end up doing DCL and WDW this summer. Which is naughty. But, you know what? F#@k it. It’s been a sh%t year. I’ll sell a kidney. You don’t need two, right?

The only remaining issue for now is whether I book an emergency back-up DLP trip for the first week in September before my work schedule ramps up. A three night cruise doesn’t seem like much of a summer vacation if that’s all I’m doing. If WDW doesn’t work out, I want something else before the summer is over. Back to the website …


I thought your revamped plans sounded great but what do I know? :joy:


Thanks. So did I!

And it may still end up that way. But for now I’m leaving things as they were.


All of this. I am so hopeful that you get to do both the cruise and the August trip. I only know you through the forums, but I am seriously pulling for you to make it to WDW this August.


Agree! Time for a year of fun.

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Of all the cruise liners you chose the right one. :slight_smile:


I have started a new thread for my planning and trip report.


Where is your room now?? I thought you had a pretty great room before!

Deck 7, midships, right by the stairs. It’s next to some kind of solid wall, which gives sound protection from my neighbour on that side, and increased veranda privacy from them.


Ah ok, does sound great! So excited for you and can’t wait to hear about your experience!

I go back and forth around being excited and nervous for aft but I think we’ll be fine.

Aft is fine and I think preferred if you can swing one of the deep balcony rooms on the very back. Forward is where you don’t want to be for seasickness reasons.

Edit: if this is your first time I’ll say it’s a bit unsettling that feeling of movement as you always feel it. But it doesn’t make me sick and every single virtual ride like Simpsons and star tours do. We even literally sailed around the “easy” side of a hurricane last time I kid you not when none of the other cruise lines dared and were the only ones in port (might have been one other actually) and you could most definitely feel it that night but I still didn’t get sick. And we were closer to the front because we were concierge and that’s where most of those rooms are as that’s where the concierge lounge is on the cruise before that and I was fine too.


Thanks! Great to hear! We do have one of the deep balcony ones so that is what makes me excited. And we are sailing out of NYC so my DH is really pumped to watch the skyline behind us as we leave.

I’m ok on Star Tours, not my favorite maybe. I really just avoid Mission Space at this point. And I’m otherwise fine on like large ferries or fishing boats which have been my main sources of maritime transportation until October!

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Those look awesome. Especially for a longer cruise. Totally worth it.


That’s so exciting. I hope it all works out. I want one of those so bad.

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Where did you find the NYC one? I tried searching but didn’t see that listed as a port…

You had me a little worried because they keep cancelling them bit by bit! But there are two left. Maybe that’s why you can’t find them. For this year there are only two Halloween on the High Seas. We had wanted to go over Columbus Day but @mousematt and friends in the UK are keeping the Magic around a little longer than originally planned!,october-2021,new-york-new-york,spooky

Bumping this to post this video from the test sailing. I think some of the original rules have changed, no masks outdoors for example.


And another one with a heck of a lot of blethering at the start. :roll_eyes: