Should I do online check in?

I need to add a day to my week. There is not availability at this time. When I have had to do this two times before with the same situation they were able to add my day at check in. Since they may need to move my pre-assigned room for that to happen should I check in when I get there? I won’t be getting there until 6 or 7pm.

On-line check-in is no big deal and it may save you some time at the desk. On-line check-in is mainly for establishing a line of credit and add-on’s to your room if necessary. By no means does it prevent you from changing things at the desk when you get to your resort. It is also supposed to make the process faster but in your case you wouldn’t have to do on-line check-in but it won’t hurt you either. Hope this helps. Have a Magical Stay! :grin:

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So what ia on -line check in? I’ve read where they will text?email? you to let u know ur room is ready. Online means u can go straight to ur room?

Yes, that is one of features using the Disney app on your smartphone to unlock your room. You can however request a room change at the desk or any other changes you want even though you checked in on-line.

Wow. That is awesome. U guys r great!