Should I do FP for Enchanted Tales or Jungle Cruise? Need advice, pls

Looking at the estimated wait times, it appears that TP advises FP for both Jungle Cruise and Enchanted Tales with Belle; but Jungle Cruise is a longer wait while ET w/ Belle is the newer attraction. My plan has us hitting both of them midafternoon. Any suggestions on which to choose as my 3rd FP? We are traveling week before T-giving.

My understanding is that Enchanted Tales with Belle is a very difficult FP to get, so I would do that one. If you can, try moving Jungle Cruise earlier or later in the day. The lines are shorter at various times.


Thank you!

Also, we have gotten Jungle Cruise for our 4th FPP every time we have tried, but ETWB has never been available.

Yeah, it’s ETWB, not a close call. Will save you more time, and it’s a tougher one to get.

Definitely ETWB!

definitely ETWB. That was one of the attractions that I was never able to adjust my fpp time around on during our may trip meaning there weren’t any other open times and it was never available day of for us either. We added JC as our 5th fpp at MK.

Will I miss anything in the que if I do the FP+ for ETw/B? I have it in October but heard something about Maurice’s Cottage… Can we go back?