Should I change plans?

That’s too large of a jump for me…I honestly didn’t enjoy my RIP tour at Universal last time. I really prefer to be alone with no guide…but I do want to skip lines! LOL

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I’m online to change the park pass reservation - it freaks me out a little because you have to cancel and rebook. Wouldn’t it be nicer to just be able to modify?? :roll_eyes:

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Yes, I concur.

Ok, first this is an amazing list and sounds like it was such a fun productive day! Second, I’m totally overwhelmed reading all this and trying to understand all the rules surrounding LL and ILL at the same time! :joy:

I’m trying to understand how all this works. Was the 1:20 BTMR the earliest LL available you could have booked for this ride or did you choose this time to work with your other plans? The 2 hour window makes sense. I’m trying to learn all the nuances of this new system, so when I plan my own trip (whenever that may be) I feel like I know what I’m doing, lol. I don’t even know if my question makes sense, lol. There’s so much to learn with this new system!

No worries. I get it. Here’s what I did and it’s much easier than it looks once you get the pattern

  1. the night before I’d go into Genie in My day and change to the next day is on the calendar. I can’t screenshot this now because I don’t have valid tickets. :-(. But in there was a link to select your interests. I would put just the first ride I wanted to get LL for as part of normal Genie+ so it would be at the top of the Tip Board. So in the image below imagine only Jungle Cruise is at the top of this page because I’ve selected only it as an interest.
  2. I’d set my alarm for 655am and have my phone and iPad with the iPad navigated to on a browser window on the nightstand for the AM.
  3. when my alarm went off I grabbed the iPad and phone going into Tip Board for that day and waiting till exactly 6:59:59 on to drag down on the Disney app to reload the page.
  4. I’d click on the LL option under Jungle Cruise in this scenario and go as quickly as I could thru the options. It just gives you a time and you get no choice with Genie+ LLs so I took whatever it gave me which would even change as I clicked thru the screens
  5. as soon as that was booked I’d find my first ILL interest in this case 7DMT and I did the same thing and here it will allow you to pick a time and prompt you to pay. For this one I took the first available time as it moves fast and would already not be first thing at park open
  6. then I’d go into my 2nd ILL choice for the day. For me that was Space which still had a 9am slot which I took but other days I purposefully chose later times like I did for Remy when I park hopped to EPC.
  7. all of my Genie+ LL’s were for before 2 hours after park open so for me as soon as I’d tap in to my first LL ride like JC I’d attempt to get another one. Again you can only take first available so in the scenario above first available for BTMR was 1:20pm. If for some reason your first LL is for later than 2 hours after the park opens you can get your 2nd one 2 hours from park opens. So when MK opens at 9am, you could get another at 11am. This is only if you didn’t use your first one before 11am like I did with JC.
  8. From there I’d either set a 2 hour timer if I knew it was going to be more than 2 hours before I rode the next LL or id get one whenever I tapped into the last ride I was able to book an LL for. This is important because say you ended up with SDD at 3pm on that first 7am grab. Then at 11am you were able to get. 12noon MFSR. You can get another LL when you tap into MFSR at noon or thereabouts before it’s been 2 hours and before you’ve used your 3pm SDD because you obtained MFSR last.
    Rinse and repeat all day. :wink:
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Also if you all tap into a ride and it still won’t let you book another LL experience it’s because there is a 2nd tap coming up in the line. Some rides have two and some rides have one. You have to tap into the last one in that line for that ride before you can book another.

THANK YOU!!! My head is still spinning, but not nearly as much as before…i think. :joy: Luckily I still have lots of time to actually learn and retain all of this. Your step-by-step is super helpful, thanks!!

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I was super worried too but after the first day I felt okay. That morning drop is so nerve wracking though I could never go back to sleep even when I was letting others sleep and purposefully trying to get later times.

@jennyturin–I feel like I saw somewhere what you did with genie on a park hop from AK to HS. I have been searching and can’t find it. Do you remember where that was, or am I imagining it? Hoping to replicate your strategy this coming weekend. :slight_smile:

We park hopped AK to EPC with a nice long break and we didn’t RD. It went like:

  1. @7am I did this (booking first NRJ with LL, then FoP with ILL and then Remy with ILL):

  2. We arrive to AK around 10am and tapped into NRJ @10:11 am and I was able to secure an 11:05am KS at that time

  3. We walked across the park and walked onto KRR (which was posted 5 min but was 2 min of walking) standby.

  4. We walked through Maharajah Jungle Trek

  5. We tapped into KS shortly after that 1105 opening time and I secured an 11:40am Dinosaur (which later turned into an anything/anytime pass for AK as Dinosaur was briefly down during the beginning of that time).

  6. We were in LL line for FoP by about 11:55am and off about 12:15 pm.

  7. We had 12:30 lunch at Tiffins and since our Dinosaur went to anything/anytime and we would pass by Tiffins on the way to Dinosaur anyway we went ahead and had lunch.

  8. During lunch I snagged a 1:55pm Dinosaur at about 12:35pm from inside Tiffins at our table.

  9. Had a very leisurely 1.5 hour lunch and got in line for dinosaur about 2pm.

  10. Used our anything LL for Ittbab on the way out of the park and were on our way back to the hotel at 2:35 having accomplished all open non-show attractions and walk thrus including an hour and a half lunch in 4.5 hours.

  11. We stayed in our hotel from before 3pm to about 6:45pm (cuz we used Lyft) and arrived at Epcot at about 6pm where I had secured an immediately available Soarin LL on the trip over. Everything in EPC was passing out LL for that time except TT which was gone. I would have been able to get TT while at the hotel because it did have availability but then it went down as I was trying to grab one and even after the ride came back up they were no longer passing out LLs.

  12. We rode Soarin’ with our LL a little past 7pm.

  13. We rode Remy with our ILL about 7:35pm

  14. We went to dinner at R&C for the Harmonious Package arrive about 10-15 min early for the 8:15pm ADR and did another hour and half long meal

  15. We arrived at TT during the evening extra hours at about 10pm and it was about a 16 min wait (posted 25 min) standby as that’s all that’s available during the extra hours.

  16. We were tired so while we could have ridden Mission Space, Frozen and or SE as my next options easily, maybe even all three but at least two of em even though we had eaten up an hour of extra hours time we bailed.

FYI I just checked historical crowds. EPC was a 4 and AK was a 5 so this was also all on a light day.

thank you!!

If you are going to do AK to DHS I’d do something like (and you’re willing to buy ILL)…if EE is open I’d ride it before Dinosaur below

  1. @7am Book LL for SDD, then ILL for FoP, then ILL for RotR
  2. RD AK and ride NRJ standby
  3. ride KS standby
  4. ride Dinosaur standby
  5. ride KRR standby
  6. See any shows (including ittbab) or walkthrus you’d like in whatever preference order you have for them until it’s time to park hop
    *As soon as it’s been 2 hours since DHS opened I’d secure more LL’s in this order if available every 2 hours: RnRC–>MFSR–>ToT–>TSM–>AS2–>ST–>shows you want to see in preference order. Ride things with shorter standby lines that you haven’t gotten LL’s for when you arrive around your LL’s and ride MMRR last before you leave the park.
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