Should I change plans?

Hello! I will be at WDW next week and have plans for Monday at DAK with park hopping to Epcot for extended evening hours. Tuesday is MK park hop to HS. I am wondering if we should swap those park days- since MK and HS are so difficult to get G+ I was thinking of doing MK hoP to Epcot (Monday) and AK hop to HS (tues). The only reservation we would give up is capture your magic at animal kingdom. What are your thoughts?

Actually I think that might be a good idea. I did AK to EPC and there was tons of EPC availability in the afternoon. I could have got TT (if I wasn’t planning on riding it during the evening hours) even. It was the only one to eventually run out.

I was also able to get everything at DHS except RnRC but I did get SDD first and it was gone the fastest followed by RnRC so if you’re doing these later in the day you’ll probably miss out on those two LLs.

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Yeah that’s what I figured! Any experience with capture your magic? I’d have to cancel it. My family isnt super interested in doing this but it’s the first time taking my in-laws with us. We do have memory maker though and can probably get lots of photos.

I figured that when I start at magic kingdom and hop to Epcot I will use genie for mostly magic kingdom and rely on the extended hours for Epcot rides. Then on the animal kingdom - HS day I would try to stack more afternoon selections at HS hopefully not really needing them at AK in the morning?

I’ve never done capture the magic but @OBNurseNH has. I have used memory maker both just for ride photos and trying to grab all the photopass photos from the photographers in the park though and for fun and great photos this way. But I can’t really compare to capture the magic.

I went to AK on Monday. It was a predicted 7 and felt close to that. We slept in in a little arriving around 10am and used ILL for FoP and LL for NRJ first thing but I heard someone else say it was only a 10 min wait though posted higher at about 10. We then rode KRR as a walk on and by the time we got KS it was posted 70 but we were able to use our 2nd LL for it. Then our FoP LL was good and I was able to grab an 11:40 for dinosaur which we rode after lunch and it was posted 45 min I believe. Ittbab was posted 10 but was a walk on (but we were able to use a very unnecessary LL for that). So yes if you RD and knocked out KS first I think you would be able to get everything done without really needing LL (I’d still buy it for FoP if you can).

We did it in July at AK. It was a great experience! We had multiple CMs devoted to us alone. They worked hard to get our session in between downpours. That would be the only thing that I would say I wished were different, but you can’t control the weather.

That being said, I don’t think it would be disastrous to cancel the session in favor of something you want to do more. I think the only exception to that is if this trip is marking something extra special (wedding, anniversary, graduation, similar) I would keep it.

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I agree that the change is probably a better plan.
It depends on what you are hoping to get done in HS. If you hop there from AK then I would iLL FOP and ROTR. Then use EE to rope drop Navi then KS.
Can you book a LL at 7am for a park that you are hopping to? If so then I would at 7 am book the earliest possible (2pm) for HS. Then stack a LL in HS every 2 hours after park open. Probably ride MMRR at park close? Too bad you can’t purchase more than 2 iLL.
MMRR is currently my favorite ride in all of WDW! But FOP and ROTR are of course not to be missed!


This plan is perfect. I agree

  1. Get LL for SDD at 2pm (or first available) right at 7am
  2. Buy ILL for FoP for sometime in the first half of the day you plan to be in AK and stop the plan whenever it’s time to ride below…I might even try to get it for later in the morning so you can RD the other rides first.
  3. Buy ILL for RotR for the afternoon
  4. RD NRJ
  5. Ride KS
  6. Ride Dinosaur
  7. Ride KRR
  8. Then do any shows or animal exhibits and make sure to start getting LL’s for DHS 2 hours after AK opens in this order if available RnRC → MFSR → ToT → TSM → AS2 → ST → shows
  9. Ride MMRR last

Yes that is exactly how I would approach this day!

I arrive tomorrow and plan to do an AK/DHS day on Saturday.

I pretty much am planning on doing what @jennyturin outlined SDD/FOP/ROTR at 7am, rope dropping NRJ then KS, then stacking LLs for DHS starting at 11am.

An at least semi-live TR is planned so I will try and share how successful this plan is!


I wouldn’t worry about EPC LL’s at all like you mention until you’re done with MK and just grab whatever is left but for MK I got a

  1. LL for JC at 7am,
  2. bought ILL for 7DMT,
  3. bought ILL for SpaceM.
    4)In Early entry we rode PPF,
  4. still early entry we rode HM
  5. rode space with our ILL at open
  6. rode PoC
  7. checked into JC LL and booked 1:20 BTMR LL
  8. rode 7DMT with ILL
  9. popcorn and drink break
  10. rode PeopleMover - almost walk one
  11. rode Buzz Lightyear with a 17 min wait in standby
  12. lunch at Skippers Canteen
  13. during lunch I snagged a 1:45pm Splash LL at my 2 hour mark (I would set alarm on my phone for 2 hours when I’d get one)
  14. played all five A Pirates Adventure scavenger hunt games
  15. rode BTMR with LL
  16. rode Splash with LL and got a 340 WtP LL
  17. ice cream break, shot around for free in Frontierland Shootin Arcade and caught a Dapper Dans Performance
    19)Rode WtP with LL and grabbed a 445pm LittleMermaid LL
  18. waited 18 min standby for Monsters Laugh Floor
  19. rode Little Mermaid with LL
  20. saw PhilharMagic standby waiting 1.5 performances
  21. hung out at Casey’s listening to the piano player until time to checkin for fireworks dessert party at 615ish which we did till fireworks and then left.

That should give you an idea of what you can accomplish before heading to EPC when you’re ready. You should be able to do all the headliners by 2pm easily and hop then only missing some of the 2nd tiers we did in the PM.


We did evening hours at EPC and I was able to get a last min Soarin for 630ish on the way to EPC and we rode that and rode Remy with our ILL at 730 but you can do Remy in Evening extra hours. We saw Harmonious at Rose and Crown with that package and then rode Test Track with something like a 16 min wait in the evening hours. We burned like almost an hour of extra hours at R&C and very easily could have fit in 2-3 or more rides after TT. You should be fine without LL’s here.

Also harmonius much much better than enchantment and worth catching.

The longest wait using LL and ILL of my trip was a 25 min standby for RnRc on a predicted crowd level 10 day (Sunday or marathon day) at DHS. LL and ILLs worked great for us.


My MK was pretty much the exact same as yours! Great liner minds think alike! :joy:

ETA we even had Skipper Canteen lunch! But we did skip the dessert party.

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We also hopped to Epcot on a few nights and had no problem booking LLs. We even bought iLL for FEA last minute one night.

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Yup that was showing ILL availability for me too in the afternoon while we were having our hotel rest time b/w AK and EPC. Remy was the only thing gone and TT eventually went away during our break as well. But since I bought FoP and Remy I couldn’t buy Frozen. I don’t understand why Disney wouldn’t take my money with Frozen having all that availability they could have made an extra $40 off me if they’d have let me LOL.

Exactly! We were willing to pay too but had bought ROTR and MMRR when we hopped to Epcot after HS.
We also ended up buying iLL for Remy on our EPCOT day even though I had gotten a virtual queue boarding group. When our group was called (I think around noon) there was a predicted 45 minute wait that we did not want to be in. We were trying to avoid crowds and it seemed like that whole area was very congested. Buying iLL was worth avoiding the crowd.


OMGosh that line looked terrible. I was very happy we had our ILL. And there were many Epcot slushes (as in they drank to many French slushies) in that area without masks drunk yelling and coughing and it was very congested. I was terrified! LOL

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That’s a perfect day! Thank you- I’ll be replicating that next week!

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This will work so much better than trying to get LL for both MK and HS same day! Thanks!

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They don’t want to make VIP tours less attractive.

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