Should I change my vacay dates to a week later to match TP crowd Report?

Hi Everyone,
I am very new to this, just joined the site a week ago, booked a spontaneous trip for me and my 2 kids 8 and 13 for mid june, the 14th. I didn’t realize all the planning involved, and am trying to catch up in time…heres my question…according to TP crowd reports if I book a week and half later the crowd levels are at a 4 for MK for 2 days…that sounds better than the 7 or 8 predicted during my stay…

I can change it w travel agent, already checked…is it worth it? How accurate are the reports? I would also be giving up a Star wars day-which my son is crazy about-and a breakfast at BOG rest. to move it a week forward (I guess BOG stops doing breakfast then) What do you experts think? Is there much of a difference in heat for June 25th (New date) as opposed to June 14th? (Original booking)
Also, I would be changing resorts from POR to Coronado springs…for the same price I am paying for quick serve at POR, with the new dates and the CS resort, I can get Dining plan…wonder if that makes it worth it too…

Any advice?? Is it worth it? Have to make this decision quick…Thank you all for responding! :smile:

I’d stick it out. I usually trust TP numbers, but later in June is usually busier in my experience, and if your using this site, you can negate the difference. If you’ve got ADRs you want and Star Wars interest, stick it out.

Thanks for your advice…I was thinking it might be busier than too, but was surprised to see a 4 listed…its on a weekend, someone said the weekends are almost dead at MK… Do you think having the dining plan for same price as quick serve makes it worth it though? I have heard great things about POR, but think my kids may like Coronado’s pool/playground area better too.
I am not a great decision maker, lol, and want to get the most possible for the money…

With a good touring plan you can really navigate the crowds pretty well. If this isn’t something you do often I would stick it out for the Star Wars stuff since it sounds like they would enjoy it. As for the dining plan you can get that at any resort so you don’t have to change to get that. It’ll be hot either week so the weather won’t be much of a factor. Is this your first trip? How long will you be staying?

Ok, thanks, It is our first trip. With the dining, by changing the dates and using new promotion I can get the dining plan at CS for the same money I have already paid for the quick service dining w my reservation at POR. So, its already paid for, but I would get 1 table service dining credit rather than just the counter service…so that was kind of swaying my decision too, thinking it would be more for the money, but still not sure…

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See if you can make ADR’s you want first, before even considering it.

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First and foremost, per the TP Gurus:
#1. Using a Touring Plan is 5 times more important than picking which park to visit
The #1 way to avoid waiting in line is to use a Disney World Touring Plan. You will tour more efficiently with a touring plan at a park at level ‘8’ then you will without a touring plan at a park at level ‘4’. Touring plans work, use 'em! Do so and it won’t matter what day you pick.

This is a key advantage of having good TPs, as they make the park/day selection process less important. If the Star Wars day and BOG Breakfast are important to you, then you should stick with your initial plans.

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Ok everyone thank you for your advice, I talked to my youngest and he really wants the star wars day, so I will stick with my plans. I have made the touring plans, the days I have for MK show 0 free time in between many different rides…I wonder if that may mean it is unrealistic, or we would have to really hurry to get to each thing…

So, heres another question, I haven’t made my fast passes yet, but when I do, if I can’t get something, but put it on my tp for day, is that pretty accurate? Will I still be able to do it?
How accurate are the plans once you make them? (And then use them)

No free time is a good thing - that means that the Optimizer was able to slot things in nicely. In my experience the predicted time work out pretty well, and any differences average out over the day.

The Optimizer will try to work with the FPPs that you get, but sometimes it can make a better plan that does not use them. Check out Making Optimized Personalized Touring Plans with FastPass+ for tips on working with FPP and optimized plans.

You have to realize the numbers are based on last year’s crowds. Yes, I went last year June 28-July 4th. It was great June 28- July 3rd. Such low crowds! I also took a trip in December where the crowd was projected to be a 4/5 and I could not move! It was crazy. Go when you want and plan well!

If parents are stuck legally speaking to vacations on non-school days, and crowds during the summer are higher for this reason, then waiting that one week means all US schools are on summer break and I would not switch. Crowd levels could be higher because of Star Wars weekend. I love POR, but buses during crowded days are hands down better at Coranado. Also, queen beds at Coranado and port Orleans French quarter , did they upgrade beds at POR? My family was into the table service until last year when I became illergic to the fresh steamed vegetables only served at Disney. The only problem with TS is the draw of time away from the park attractions. I might stay with QS on the first vacation ever.