Should I change my park reservation?

I currently have a reservation for MK on August 12th because the crowd level is supposed to be a 3, and I didn’t think to look and see why that was until they put out the park hours for that day earlier this week.

Now that I know the park is closing at 6 for the Halloween party, I’m thinking of moving my MK visit to the 7th, which is a crowd level 5. I know that the difference between a 3 and a 5 is kind of splitting hairs, but somebody mentioned to me that on those special event days, a lot of people avoid those days and most rides have VERY short wait times.

Nevertheless, I’m thinking that the extra 4 hours that the park is open on the 7th would be worth the higher congestion, and especially considering the hourly crowd calendar

where the last 10 hours of the day on the 7th seem to be less crowded than the last 6 hours on the 12th, I think this makes sense.

Is my thinking on the right track here? If you were visiting from 1000 miles away and were trying to make the most of your visit, would you switch to the 7th too?

PS - We’re not park hopping. It just doesn’t seem worth it to me for 1 day.

Personally I’d avoid the 12th. Party nights guests can enter at 4pm, so crowds will build those last 2 hours. I don’t personally know if you can stick around for the nighttime show without a party ticket either. So you would have to give up the fireworks if you planned to see them. Something to keep in mind also: do you plan on doing a table service meal that day? That will take up additional time, and with short hours on the 12th, may be slightly harder to get a reservation at high demand places.

I don’t believe you can. I think they do a park “sweep”. Therefore, if seeing the fireworks is important to you then you would definitely want to change!