Should I change it?

My plan is to spend one evening at Epcot from dinner till closing. Currently my Epcot night will be on a Tuesday in August when there is evening EMH. My plan is to ride my 3 FP+ rides (all in Future worlds), get a pic with Baymax, see Talk with Turtle Crush and Ride the Living Land and probably walk around World Showcase if my kiddos are able to stay up… No sure if we will watch Illuminations.

Is there a need to change my Epcot night to another night when there is no EMH???

Are you concerned that it will be more crowded due to EMH? It sounds like you have a solid touring plan. I wouldn’t think EMH will effect you. You say you’re there from dinner until closing. Make sure you allow yourself plenty of time that evening. Also, a few attractions close at 7 in FW.

Yes, I meant to ask if the crowd from EMH would make an impact on my plan and cause longer wait time in the queue. Thank you for the heads up on rides that close early.

Even if the crowds are a little heavier, it would probably impact WS more than FW. And with it being a Tuesday, there may not be as many locals as there would be on a weekend.

Enjoy your trip!