Should I Change FPs in AK

Currently we are riding FOP with an FP on the evening of Day 2 of our trip. Day 6 is our AK day. The original plan was to RD and hit the other side of the park (Everest, Safari, etc) then use a 12:50 FP for Na’vi.

They just opened FPs and there is an 9am FOP available. Do I drop Na’vi for FOP and hit Na’vi at RD then ride FOP w/ the FP or leave as is?

I don’t know enough about the logistics to know which is a better option.

What time does the park open that day?


Can you get a later FOP? I would be tempted to RD FOP, then ride Navi, then hit the rest of the park & circle back to a later FOP FP

I just reworked it all in TP to hit FOP with a 9:15a FP after riding Na’vi at RD.

Then we do KRR, FP for Everest (10:45) and our last FP will be the safari at 11:45a-12:45p.

We want to try and be out of the park by 1ish the only other FPs for Na’vi are later.

So now it looks like this:

RD Na’vi
FP-9:15a FOP
FP-10:45a Everest
Conservation Station (w/ trains back and forth)
Gorilla Falls
FP-11:45a Safari

That looks like a great plan.

Yes. FP Flight Of Passage. Rope drop Navi.