Should I Buy Tickets?

I’m planning a trip coming up this September to Disney World. Do you think I should go ahead and buy park tickets or hold off a little bit longer to see what happens with corona? Also, how late in the game can you buy the 4-Park Magic ticket? Is there a certain date I should buy it by? I know 60 days out is the drop-dead deadline so we can book FP but just wondering.

Welcome to the forum! Tickets are a little more difficult to cancel. I would wait until I was closer to my fast pass day.


I would wait until about a week before my FP day under current conditions. :heart:

But if ticket dates are affected by closures, they have automatically converted.

I would buy the tickets.

I just can’t help but think of the thread regarding getting a refund.

I have tickets that converted to 12/15. When do you think you could purchase and they could convert to 2021?

Oh true. they are only converted until December.

I still feel like they are going to have to continue to do something if this were to continue and they can’t expect everyone to come by December

I would still buy them just before FPP day. Though I will concede that I am becoming concerned about fall trips happening…

I have a late September booking that I was giving to my son. Yesterday he told me he is unsure if he will want it. He had previously said he would consider a resort only stay, but I think he has changed his mind.