Should I buy tickets now?

Has anyone been using the TP Ticket Finder Tool to track prices over the last few weeks? I’m curious as to whether the Disney price increase has carried over to the discount sellers yet. I’m wondering if I should buy now or wait. Trip is late November-early December.

Looking at 7 day PH (2 adult, 2 child) tickets. Will either be renting DVC or booking through MVT for agency exclusive.

Buy now or wait?

BUY NOW. Prices will NEVER go down. And yes - I would check out the discount sellers. We used Undercover Tourist for WDW and US - worked out perfectly! Saved a ton.

I recently bought tickets from UT because they still had the lower prices on their tickets- they hadn’t sold out of the 2016 prices yet. If you can swing it, do it now as ticket prices will ONLY go up.

And UT has a 4 day PH with 3 days free, so you can get your 7 day PH for the price of a 4 day.

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I just picked one of those up earlier this week! It ended up saving me almost $100 on the seven day pass!

UG - Under Cover Tourist had 4 day Park Hopper plus 3 free days last week - don’t know if they still do or not

We bought those last week, but I just checked UT and all I see is 4 day PH with only 1 free day. They do have 7 day PH and of course they are cheaper than disney prices, but no more 4 days plus 3 free

I don’t think UT has any more discounted tickets. If you have a Target card, you can buy Disney gift cards with it and save 5%. Use the gift cards to buy your ticket through WDW. It will save you more than UT will.

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Kicking myself. I should have bought them the day I asked. If I had bought then I could have had 2 adult + 2 child 7 day PHs for $1700. The lowest price is now $1918. :cry:

Looks like they still have slightly discounted 6 day hoppers. I could do 6 day hoppers for $1760 and then add on a day when we get there. Is that a hassle to do?

Guest services was fantastic when I needed to change my ticket from a five day straight to a four day park hopper. If you do that, they will quickly add the day on and get you in the park. Plus, by purchasing your 6 day hoppers now, go into a park to activate the ticket and THEN add the day. You may also look at purchasing a one day from UT with the 6 day hoppers. Run the numbers, at the gate it will be more expensive than getting the one day from Disney online. (The online price is $20 less than the gate price, keep that in mind!)

I was under the impression that by entering a park and then going to Guest Relations, we’d only have to pay the extra $10-ish per person to add a 7th day to the 6 day Hoppers and they would bridge us from 6 to 7 even though we purchased discounted 6 day Hoppers. Adding on a 1 day ticket wouldn’t make sense.

This is what I am doing :slight_smile: