Should I buy park tickets for 5/17/2020?

We are scheduled to arrive 5/17 for my daughter’s bday on 5/20. Room is rented through DVC points but I still have to purchase park tickets. My FP window opens up tomorrow and I’m still unsure if I should purchase tickets with all that is happening now. I will be buying about half of the cost with Disney gift cards.

Thanks so much!

If you are sure you will eventually go to Disney and are financially stable enough to have money tied up in tickets for potentially a long time, go for it. If there’s any doubt about either of those questions, you may want to wait it out since chances are pretty high the closure will be extended. No one knows how long of course.

I just edited my post. I added that about half of the cost will be purchased with Disney gift cards.
Yes-it’s such a hard decision and I am so hopeful that we will be able to make it.

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If the parks are closed the tickets will automatically become fully flexible tickets. I know the place I bought tickets will also refund them up to two days before. I’d read through the Covid cancellation info on Disney’s site and then probably buy them and book just in case.