Should I book now, or wait?

Hey everyone,

Looking to book a trip for my family to Disney World in this coming February. I was planning on using a travel company to help book, but I was wondering if I should pull the trigger now, or wait. I talked to someone (who was extremely helpful and definitely will use when I do book) and she mentioned that if I book now, any discounts that disney releases will be applied to my reservation. I have no reason not to believe her, but I just wanted to see if people here have generally know that to be true, or if it’s advisable to just wait until deals to travel companies start to be released. Thank you for any advice!

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Always book early. I book at least 9 months to a year in advance. If you use a TA to book your reservation, they will be on the lookout for discounts and get those applied to your reservation–or at least a GOOD TA will.

Don’t wait for a “deal” to be released. They might not come and the room you want may not be available.


Yes. But JUST IN CASE, you could monitor for discounts yourself and then contact your TA if one potentially applies as a way to ensure they check into it.


She is correct. You can modify your reservation if a discount is released. There is no reason to wait.

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Book now depending on room only or package deal. If room only you will lock in a room for the dates you wish to stay. If a better deal comes up you can modify your reservation to that deal. I have found that booking one’s self you have more control over your reservation than going via a travel agent. That’s me. Now on the other hand if you are booking a package and or meal plans you may be best to wait and see what packages come up. Remember room only you can cancel up to five days before your dates arrive. With a package it’s 30 days out. For me I have a annual pass so I do not need the package deals. As far as a TA is concerned especially with a package deal that may be the way to go. They cost you nothing and they get a little something for booking for you.

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I’ve had a DLR trip booked with my Disney travel agent for over a year (had to reschedule from 2022). I’ve paid the deposit, but the balance isn’t due until next month. A deal was recently released; she applied it and sent me an updated invoice. Saved over $700.

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