Should I avoid July 4th?

I’m sitting waiting in the insane queue to book my summer 2020 trip and I’m thinking about date choices. I may upgrade this summer’s tickets to an AP, so I need next summer’s trip to finish on a date before my upcoming trip starts.

One possibility is to have a trip that straddles July 4th. Is that a great time to be there — like Christmas can be — or just a horrifying nightmare, like Spring Break.

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We had an amazing time during a 4th of July trip last year. You just need to plan carefully and know that MK especially will be nuts as it gets closer to fireworks time.

If they are doing the same type of show in 2020 as they did in 2018, you do not need to be in the hub. In fact, Frontierland and Fantasyland are excellent viewing areas.

Who knows what Galaxy’s Edge will bring? My experience has been lower crowds until mid-day on the 3rd. The fireworks that are shown in the 3rd and 4th are my favorites in the world but now that they are changing the party fireworks, who know if they will remain?

I would do it, but I avoid Easter.

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Absolutely. Easter was a nightmare (and that was in 2000). I will never go at Easter again!

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If you choose to visit on July 4th, i highly recommend you wear a traditional redcoat uniform and frequently complain that the colonists are being particularly cheeky


We’ve been that week and it was wonderful! We did MK on the 3rd. Best fireworks ever! Did AK on the fourth and crowds weren’t bad at all.

July 4th, 2018 was a breeze for us. I didn’t find it overcrowded at all.

I’m doing it! MK FW on the 3rd. Cali Grill on the 4th. Can’t wait!

We had one trip then, loved it other than the heat.

You’re more heat / humidity tolerant than me, so go for it!

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I was there July 4-9, 2018 and loved it. The 4th got busy late afternoon & MK was very busy that night. I had reserved seats with the fireworks after party which was 100% worth it. The fireworks were really special. The rest of my trip crowds were super manageable. In fact, I rope dropped 7am EMH at HS the next day and rode everything multiple times in 2 hours.


I know you are planning for 2020 rather than 2019, but have you seen the most recent crowd calendar updates? We are going 6/25/19 to 7/3/19. Latest crowd predictions (dated 5/4/2019) for that week dropped across the board. I’m sorry we aren’t staying longer now. I figured we should get out of there before the 4th of July. Now, July 4 doesn’t look too bad at all, especially if you are going to a different park than MK. Whether that is any indication of what will happen next year, I’m not sure. But I thought you would be interested in the numbers. Of course, 7/4/2020 falls on a Saturday, so that could make a difference.

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