Should i avoid EMHs

I am going in September when each day is predicted to be 5 or less. I am staying on property so I can take advantage of the EMHs. Should i avoid or embrace EMHs. Most MK days are either EMH or MNVSHP.

Do you have park hoppers?

In general, only go to a park with EMH if you are going to take full advantage of it. However, with the advent of Pandora, AK mEMH has been very crowded as many on-site guests go there thinking that it will give them an advantage, so some people have been advising to avoid mEMH there regardless.

We do not have parkhoppers

Have you compared the same week last year to see what the historical crowd levels were?

it is about the same as predicted. Maybe some days are 6 instead of 5.

Ideal strategy is arrive at EMH rope drop, get ahead of the crowd of dayguests who don’t enough to stay away from a park with EMH, touring until noon, then head back to the resort to rest. Go back in the evening to shorter lines and fireworks.