Short trip tips? And pre planning!

We decided a short trip next spring will be workable. Looking at 3 maybe 4 park days and staying at Wilderness Lodge. Kids will be 3.5 and 6.5.
We last went last fall stayed at Poly.
Will rent a double stroller from Kibgdom again.
Initial thought was we were going to really soak in MK. But I’m
Getting sidetracked by wanting to see everything!! Since we will be there… parkhoppers are an option. and since we will take afternoon breaks could work.
Also want to include time to enjoy this resort!

Wondering tips from those who did short trips—. What would your strategy be?

Preliminary plan
Day 1 MK either arriving that morning or night before…
Day 2 AK until 1 break dinner in world show case check out Food and Garden
Day 3 MK break and then maybe HS to see a show/ ride— when’s the Mickey ride coming out?? Daughters favorite was sci fi— so maybe eat there.
(Big if we do this) Day 4- Epcot and MK after break

After break we would have about 3/4 hours before heading to Hotel. So no late night fireworks in the parks. Will watch from lodge I’m sure.

Currently expected to be Spring 2020.

For a 3 day trip with kids those ages, if it were me I would do (a) 2 full days at MK, (b) 2/3 day at AK with dinner at World Showcase.

I expect Spring crowds at HS will be very bad now that people can plan knowing all of SWGE will be open and possibly Mickey and Minnie’s Railroad. If I only had 3 park days, I would stay away.

With 4 full park days, I would use the additional day for either Epcot or DHS or some sort of split depending on how I felt about dealing with potential mass crowds at HS.

Thank you! I didn’t know Mickey ride opened spring. Yea although my kids would love it prob not worth the hassle and time.

I like your 3 day plan. 2 full MKs then am AK Epcot. Then I worry is the hopper price worth it. I’ll have to run the numbers there. 4 days would open it up a bit.

We usually do 4-5 days. 3 days is tight, but if that’s all you can swing, then it’s still 3 days at Disney!

If the Hopper price isn’t worth it to you, then just pick Epcot or AK for the 3rd full day. Just keep up with all the changes/contruction going on at Epcot and be ok with how it might impact your trip. I am not up with the latest status of the Ratatouille ride coming to Epcot, but I recall reading at some point speculation that it could open in spring 2020.

Have you ever been before?
Is the trip for the kids, or for you? Or for both?

If your kids have never been, then I do agree with 2 full days at MK. I’d have to take the 3rd day and do a day at Epcot - AM in FW and PM in WS.

Fun!!! We did a last minute (like, 3 days before we left last minute) trip with my 4 kids, my mom and myself last October. We did 3 parks days - an EMH night at EP (day 1), early morning AK/swim + hotel break + EMH at MK (day 2) and Epcot AM + HS PM (day 3). Flight home was mid-day on day 4 and we skipped the parks. It was a great trip. We knew our time was limited and just hit up our faves. Went it just considering it a bonus to be there at all and enjoyed the heck out of the trip!

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We went last November 2018. Had 5 park days. Youngest was barely 2 at the time. Oldest was 5.
MK was our favorite. AK we got rained out. Did our FP and left. So need to explore there more.
I’d be fine with skipping HS.
Epcot I’d like to see for flower and garden and we did not get a good look at worldshowcase. We went the Sunday of food and wine race weekend. Rookie mistake!

Our last trip was amazing and just so easy, so we are excited to pop down. Spring is tough for work and school so thinking a shorter trip.

Yes!!! Thanks- that’s great to hear! I think we would feel the same. Just soak it in!

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We have only ever done short trips and loved them!! It makes it easy not to run around trying to do everything! My daughter was 5 the first time and we only did a half day at AK, full day at MK, and pool day on departure day…it was great! We stayed at WL and she still talks about it!

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