Short on DVC Points?

Hi Y’all! What are the options when you are short significant points even after banking and borrowing points (I assume we are allowed to do this at the same time). Out of pocket cash? Rent points? Cheapest route?

Yes, you can do this.

Also know that you can pay the going rate for up to 25 points in any given use year. So if you are close, you can buy those points to complete a reservation. I don’t recall the per point price. Something like $20…perhaps someone knows the actual amount off hand…

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I think it just went up to $22 a point. Is it 25 points? I thought it was less?

You were just about right!

24 points at $22 a point.


I was close at least! :roll_eyes:

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If the 24 points won’t cover it for you, you probably need to run some numbers about what would work best. It’s less points Sunday through Thursday. Let’s say you had enough points Sunday to Thursday but wanted to stay Friday and Saturday too. Could you book a cash reservation for those two nights? The only thing is you might have to switch rooms. They might let you stay in the same room and not switch but I know a points reservation and a cash reservation are two separate reservations.

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