Shopping in WDW

So I’m not a huge shopper but I like to look at things.

  1. what are not to be missed stores in the park for seeing cool stuff you might not see at home

  2. what, if any, are shops in DS that are possibly worth the hassle that is, reportedly, DS right now. This can also include snacks there but not meals :wink:.

Bonus points for Star Wars things not in GE.


I would avoid DS right now. (At least on the weekends.) We went last month on a Saturday and it was shoulder to shoulder. Coke store was fun since Club Cool isn’t open in EP right now.

Emporium in MK is nice to peruse around noon while it’s not so crowded.

For SW merch not in GE:

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Thanks! I know DS is a mess right now. Those are the kind of recs I was looking for. Just in case lol

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Crystal items may not be your thing, but we thought this was neat. We are going to look for the crystal making process in the Mexico Pavilion, its part of Arribas Bros. My girls just saw a video of a man making a crystal Minnie, and want to go see the shop and see if we can watch him. There was another glass blowing shop in MK, probably Arribas Bros, too. I just don’t remember exactly. They had Star Wars figurines and crystal blocks that would be placed on bases with glow lights to light up the image that was etched inside.

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I agree w/ DS as a mess. If you can go first thing in the AM it’s better or if you are just doing an ADR in/out you should be ok. If you like chocolate The Ganachery in DS is a MUST do! One tip: if you see something you want in the parks, buy it when you see it. Don’t wait thinking you’ll find it later or at another park or especially DS. Many items are unique to its park. They have started selling Star Wars stuff in all the parks now but it started out that you could only find it in Galaxy Edge. Also, as the day goes on there are lines to get into the shops in the parks. First thing in the AM you can avoid those. The HM shop always has a cue b/c it’s so small.

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I second the Star Wars Trading Post. We ran over there, quickly, to pick up some kyber crystals for my son. If we’d had time, I think we could’ve shopped there for like an hour. We had to hustle back for a Homecomin’ reservation, though.

We went into that store, and the other Star Wars store at DS, and that was it. We’re not shoppers at all. We avoided the GE shops because we weren’t willing to wait in line, so the Trading Post was a good substitute.

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These are great and validating. I, just on my own, had picked the 2 Star Wars places and World of Disney as possibles. I love glass blowing. I still have a little dumbo glass figure from when we went to WDW when I was very young probably within the first 5 years of WDW opening.

DS is low on our list but I figured I should ask now.

We are at 38 days until we leave for Disney!!!


We are at 40 days! This is the closest we have been since rescheduling and cancelling due to the COVID. All the family members are getting excited now!


Same. I’m excited but also very anxious because I feel like something will happen to make this not happen and this has to happen. Sigh.

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This is very good advice. Some years ago my daughter wanted a dalmatian plush, we saw one on our first day at MK but I convinced her not to get it on the very first morning. Needless to say, it was the only place that had them in entire WDW. So, we ended uo buying her something else AND ordering the dalmatian after our trip :roll_eyes:

So if you really want it, grab it!

As for places to shop, ones I try not to miss, just of the top of my head:


  • Emporium: all around good selection in all categories
  • Big Top Souvenirs: like the theming!


  • Mouse Gear: being refurbed now…
  • Mexico pavilion in WS: just my favorite of WS, unique merch
  • Mitsukoshi in Japan/WS: very unique selection of Japanese things, toys etc


  • All SW related stores! Keystone clothiers, Tatooine traders, all of GE of course


  • Island Mercantile: I reckon they had quite a bit of unique merch and generally a big store like Emporium
  • the bazaar at EE and windtraders in Pandora have some cool land-specific things and nice theming

The Christmas ornaments in the shop in Liberty Square.

The art work in Epcot, if it’s still there. Might have decamped to the American pavilion.

I like the Streiff bears in Germany, the perfumery in France and the shops in the U.K. pavilions.

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Yes!! Same!! This is our 3rd planned trip since the closure and 35 days until blast off and I just keep waiting for something to happen to force another cancellation. Haven’t even told the kids yet, bc the disappointment for the last cancellation in Feb was too much to handle.

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Oh yes, Mitsukoshi! My kids still talk about that one from our trip two years ago.


I like the Haunted Mansion shop, Memento Mori.

If you’re looking for something that you can’t buy at home, you can peruse the “Shop Disney” app. They indicate which things can only be purchased in the parks, as well as which stores currently have that item in stock. (Disclaimer - this worked in 2019. Haven’t tried it since so I don’t know if it’s been affected by the pandemic!)


With a 9PM close, what time do the shops on Main Street in MK close?

If I remember correctly the shops will stay open at least 30 min after official close to catch buyers on their way out, but let’s see if others can confirm that…

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The Shop Disney Parks app was discontinued in 2019, but I’m not sure if the regular Shop Disney app has park stock etc now? I can’t install it because I’m outside the US

They’ve been putting a lot of park merch on ShopDisney to off load it due to limited sales in the parks :frowning: