Shopping/Diversion in Potter Worlds

Is there a way to place the shops of Diagon Alley (and Hogsmeade) into the plans and get an estimate of time? This is my first time using Lines for UOR. I’ve used it plenty for Disney and thought there would be something similar to how I can schedule in “The France Pavilion” as a diversion and it gives me an estimated time frame. Is there a similar option for Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade shops?

Don’t know if there is an easier way, but when I did mine two years ago, I did them as breaks. I put a big chunk of time to explore each and just labeled it as such. Then created the plan accordingly, depending on when wait times were best. In one park we rode first and then toured the area. In the other we toured and then rode. It worked well. June trip, CLs around 5. Didn’t wait longer than 15 minutes for Gringotts or the castle ride,

Thanks! That’s exactly what so was thinking to do, but have no idea how much time to give it. Our CL’s are not looking good for the days we’re there, but we’ll stay on site and use early access. I just wish they were listed to give a gauge of wait times.

I guess I’ll just do the touring then come back and do the shops. I just worry they may close off the area due to overcrowding and we can’t get back in.

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I’m not sure what you mean by that. If you are in the land, you are in the land. Shops and rides are all in the same area.

Or, do you mean you do your touring plan including rides OUTSIDE of HP?

Personally, I think you’ll not need/want a Touring Plan once you get there. It is work creating one to see what the expected times might be of the day overall…but once you are there, I think you’ll find it just as easy to essentially wing it.

You can try inserting small breaks into your time in HP as necessary for the purpose of shopping, though. Maybe put in no more than 10 minutes per shop (which is probably on the high side since most of the shops are rather small). I think MORE of your time will be just kind of looking around at the details, such as Knockturn Alley, etc. Perhaps a decent way to estimate your time would be to double the wait times for the rides in HP. If, for example, the wait time for Forbidden Journey is 30 minutes, then plan an hour for Hogsmeade apart from the ride. This would account for the crowds.

But don’t overplan. Unlike Disney, it just isn’t as necessary at UOR.


Last time I went you could add Diagon Alley to a plan and it gave 45 mins to explore. I don’t know if it’s still there as an option.

Thanks Ryan,

Yes, I meant do all rides, even those outside of HP before doing the sight-seeing/shopping aspect of the HP worlds.

Thanks for your insight into touring plans at Universal. I have always used them and loved them at Disney, but this will be our first trip to Universal. I’m not a slave to them, but with the app they’re very helpful!