Shop like Glaskunst outside of Epcot?

Hi - we’ve just had a lovely day in Epcot and found the Glaskunst shop. They had some glasses with pictures of characters on the front and the opportunity to have something engraved on the back.

I wanted to get one for my DD but they had a 90 minute wait and by that time we would have been home and in bed !

This was my last planned trip to Epcot so I was wondering if anyone knew of a similar shop in MK or HS ?



There used to be one on Main Street on the right hand side as you head toward the castle. I can’t recall if I saw it there last year. I know it was there the year before.

The one on MS is the only other location that comes to mind.

Arribas Brothers at Downtown Disney?

All sorted - just as you said !!

Thanks for your help again