Shoe/Sandal Recommendation for Shorts

Let’s get serious for a moment, for one of the big pressing issues going on in the world…
I’m going to wdw may 31-june 7…(trying to do commando style…early morning till later evening…possible break in afternoon) I wanna khaki wear shorts everyday, but my old adidas ultraboost (super comfortable) are black, and they’re just not gonna look right with the shorts. Any recommendations for great sandals? I don’t mind black sandals. I figure waterproof sandals (non leather) would be a bonus as well. The big question is, will sandals be comfortable enough for all day? Or am I gonna get blisters?

I would just wear the sneakers or whatever the adidas are.

At most I would pack them in a daybag so you can switch them out when your feet get sore. I’ve tried to do the sandals all day thing and I paid for it.


Me, too. I do have a super comfortable pair of sandals, but they are starting to wear out, so I tried a different pair. I regretted it. Now, sandals are just for brief excursions, or to the pool, etc. Sneakers all the way for actual park days.

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Not sure if you are m/f, but I just got these shoes recently and they are waterproof and quite comfortable with a yoga mat footbed. They do make mens sandals as well and I think they seem well made and perfect for the comfort, support, and breathability needed for the parks.

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I wear Teva Verra sandals all day at the parks, and at home. They are great for pounding pavement. Thick, cushioning sole, great arch support for my high arches, multiple adjustable straps for across the foot and around the heel (great for my narrow feet). They come in a variety of colors.

Teva and Keens get a lot of love whenever the sandal question is asked. DH also has Teva sandals.


I exclusively wear my ultraboosts in the park (I got a second pair so I alternate every other day.) I wear them with shorts, with leggings, with dresses - they go with everything as far as I’m concerned. :slight_smile:


Everyone’s feet are different, what works for all day for one person won’t for another.

Teva sandals (the ones with arch support, not flat), work great all day for me. I know some people swear by Chacos, but they don’t fit my heels right. DH only wears full up athletic shoes (he’s managing knee issues and plantar fasciitis). Kids do Keens or Natives.

Do a search: black shoes khaki shorts

It totally is a thing. Both neutrals. :sunglasses:

You could get nifty socks as a transition. :+1:

And if you’re still not sold on wearing what works: who’s looking at you, kid? You’re in the World, with castles and big slinky dogs and storm troopers and princesses and baby hippos. :woman_shrugging:

You’ve got to step it up from black shoes and khaki shorts to get any attention. :man_facepalming:

Relax and have fun with your ultraboost friends.



This is what I bought, due to my Reefs wearing out (and they no longer sell a full sandal for men, but just flip flops, which I’m bummed about). I thought I was going to really like them, because they were very comfortable at first. But after wearing them a few hours, I really decided I don’t like them for all-day wearing.

i’ve worn birkenstock evas (the arizona). comfortable, no break-in time like some birks, and affordable. no worries about them getting wet. feet felt great.

I’d wear the sneakers you have. You need to worry about comfort and not so much about style. Your feet will thank you.

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thanks for all the recommendations. I’m male.

I wear sneakers in the cooler months (switch out w/ two pairs of Hokas), and a variety of Crocs/Croc Sandals in the warmer months.

Dh swears by his Tevas or his sneakers.

All are worn with whatever we are wearing that day. Both dh and I would totally wear sneakers with cargo shorts.

I exclusively wear teva originals at the park. But that is because I hate having hot feet! And i also hate wet feet so Sneakers are a no for me. I can wear them all day as ling as they are not brand new. If its just a color thing for you…i wouldnt worry about that. Wear black sneakers and khaki shorts to tour hearts content. You wont get judgement from anyone. I have similar adversions to black sneakers for myself at all but if they were comfy I would wear them to WDW so I could enjoy the parks. Throw a pair of flip flops in your bag in case.

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what I could do instead is just get more pairs of grey workout shorts and wear those…then I wouldn’t need new shoes. I could just wear my comfortable adidas ultraboost with them. I could even throw in a sleeveless shirt if I wanted…since they go well with the workout shorts.


Excellent solution. Gray is so much cooler than khaki.


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Could also see if they sell your favorite sneaker in a lighter color. Grey or something.

My DH wears basketball shorts in the parks (truthfully basketball shorts make up about 50% of his wardrobe in general). Under Armor has a style with pockets that is pretty cheap on Amazon and come in a bunch of colors (your black sneakers will match anything not just gray). They dry quicker than real fabric too.

How does he keep his phone/wallet secure? My DH wears cargo shorts because he prefers having pockets that securely close while on rides.

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I have a waterproof backpack and carry his stuff (along with snacks and stuff for kids, we still brought a stroller most days last trip too). Wallet we never really needed since we use magic band but his was with mine in my bag. Phone in his pocket if he needed it but I work the MDE so his phone was in my bag most of the time too. Granted our kids haven’t been brave enough for coasters yet and we ride everything as a family, so there wasn’t really a ride that I couldn’t bring my bag on with me that I wouldn’t be with him if he needed his stuff or where anything would be jostled loose from a regular pocket. DD7 is adamant about Tower of Terror for our next trip though so we will see if the system holds :rofl: