Shirt Ideas?

My mom loves for us to all wear some thematic shirt. Any suggestions or links for what to make?? I made disney shirts last year with heat press material.

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Check out She is actually a liner and posts on chat once in awhile. I’ve never seen anything but good reviews on her shirts and she can custom make just about anything.

@jennbussies we bought a heat press and made a different shirt for each day on our last trip. One day we all had our favorite chararcter, in silhouette, along with an identifying word or phrase. Another day we had each of our favorite rides in the park we were going to. Another one, made for Animal Kingdom, was Safari Goofy and Safari Donald with “Not a Half Day Park”.

I’ll post pics when I get home. They are on my instagram but I can’t get at it at work. If you’d like, check needaturkeyleg or needaturkeyleg2.

Here are instructions on how to make your own Mickey head tie-dyes