Shipping from Disneyland

I am planning on building a Droid at Galaxy’s Edge…is there a way to ship the Droid to Oregon rather than taking it home with me on the airplane? If possible, where do I need to go to ship my Droid…I am staying off property, not at a Disneyland Resort.

Accoring to a DisneyMom panelist, it is possible. You can read the full answer here, but the highlights were that you should let the cast member know at the time you purchase the droid (you will pre-pay before the experience). And it does seem like there is an additional fee for doing this, so another reason to make sure to mention it as you purchase the droid.


P.S. I would have done this if I wasn’t already going back to our hotel right after our reservation at SWGE ended. It was a pain to lug around and I wouldn’t have felt good leaving it on our stroller unattended.

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Which begs the question, “do droids qualify for rider swap?”


I assume the same applies to shipping the lightsaber? Don’t want to chance TSA confiscating it at Orlando airport (going to AP preview at Disney World in august). Would love to have Disney ship it. Anyone hear of Disneyland shipping the lightsabers?

PS - sorry for asking a Disney World question on the Land side…just no information on WDW Galaxy’s Edge.


I wonder how @len got his lightsaber home?

I left it in California with Guy. We did ship it to the contest winner. I believe we asked UPS to pack it - shipping added another $70.

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