Shipping baggage rather than checking

Has anyone had experience using FedEx to ship luggage as opposed to taking on the airplane? We have a large group going to WDW in December and ship 75lb boxes for $30 round trip and are considering this approach. Anybody had experience with this?

just fly Southwest - HA. I think it would all depend on the hotel’s policy.

Late reply, but in general I will ship my luggage to the hotel I’m staying at. I’ve used most domestic transportation companies and really haven’t any issues. The only thing to be aware of if you haven’t done something like this before, is that it does take some planning on the back end in terms of setting up a pickup for the bags to go back home.

Make sure to schedule the luggage arrival during a week day. UPS & FedEx don’t do regular deliveries on Sat/Sun. And if you’re staying at a resort with a business center, call and find out the available pick up times. It’s not 24/7.
And, if you happen to be staying at the Contemporary, we were charged (by weight) for each package we received. Yes, a 3 pound package cost me $5 to receive. This is the only place that ever charged me for the convenience of me fetching my own package!

i can’t honestly imaging the effort in shipping a bag makes up for just checking it at the airport

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Agreed. I’ve only ever shipped non-perishables. And we ordered a charger from Amazon to be delivered while were at BLT.
Luggage would be a non-starter for me.

There was a similar thread from April that I chimed in on.

“Talk to me about shipping luggage”

You may find that helpful info/input.

It makes sense not to mess with shipping, however, we have to drive 2.5 hours to DFW and our vehicle won’t hold all our luggage. that’s what drove us to consider an alternative.

Everyone has reasons for their decisions. You might want to phone the resort and make sure they don’t have a fee for receiving your luggage and storing it. Suitcases can be up to 50lbs, so a 75lb package is only a suitcase and a half.

You might consider shipping less essential items and keeping a few things in a couple of suitcases between you to check. That way, if there’s a package snafu, you’ll have some things.

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I think in the end you might find that driving 2 vehicles or packing lighter and doing laundry at the hotel would be less stressful. Aside from the logistics of actually receiving and then re-packing and shipping your things home you’ll have the worry over timing (weekdays vs weekend, and being around when they are open), possible delays, or total loss of the package. I know they say it’s “guaranteed” to arrive by a certain date, but that only means you’ll get your money back. It won’t help when your underwear and other clean clothes don’t arrive until the day before you leave.

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Good thoughts, that is what we are trying to work thru. Thanks for taking the time

Good thoughts, thanks

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We used to overpack a lot. If you are sending food - try to get a local grocery delivery. Now we can do two wks in europe with a carry on and roll on each. We really pair down and it makes the trip easier. You know you never end up using XYZ so just don’t pack it.

Any food - just have it delivered