Shiny object syndrome and post-ride shops

Does TP automatically build in post-ride shop time or do I need to account for that - my DM67 and sister 40 (what is abbreviation for sister?) have major shiny object syndrome so I am wondering if to keep myself sane I need to be sure to build in some extra time for that.

Also is there somewhere that lists where these attraction distractions exist? I know about Star Tours and TOT - anywhere else?

The one thing I may have going for me is I don’t think DM is planning to ride either of those specific rides so I can send her and DD2 to the shop while the rest of us (me, sister, DH43, DS4 (we’ll prob not TOT)) ride.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Everest/ if you go through the stand by line. Oh wait! Everywhere in AK- there are animals, drummers, singers, bands! Also, the street performers in HS?

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I also suffer from Ooh Shiny disease. We set our TPs on the slowest walking pace and that helped build some extra time into our plans for when I was distracted.


As @larrielaine mentioned, setting the walking pace to its slowest value may help out a little bit. Otherwise, you can try my sheep dog approach - always keep the shoper between you and the exit, and as they move around the store you discretely herd them towards the exit.

@len - I think I have mentioned this before, but a great add-on for personalized plans would be a checkbox for attractions with gift shops at the end - tick it and the Optimizer/Evaluator tacks on additional time for shopping at that attraction. This would relieve some stress for the plan maker who has to deal with shopaholics. :grimacing:


Might be easier to list attractions that don’t exit into shops! Feels like most do.

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Every attraction exits into a gift shop :wink:

Just when I thought my TPs were locked - I’ll see what very relaxed does and maybe if I build in some shopping time here and there it will be a good compromise :). I do already have attractions earmarked to jettison in each plan if we are going slower than planned - so that should help too. Thanks all!

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Most guys aren’t “shoppers”; I am. But I have never really been distracted by the post-ride shops as I pretty much know I won’t buy anything in them. I set aside an evening to go to DS, and any “souvenir” shopping I want to do, I do there. EP is a different story; I can spend LOTS of time wandering through those shops (even though I typically don’t buy much there either).

We always look round the gift shops and don’t get off track. I think you’ll be fine. We always visit in summer, so pretty high crowds, and see the speed to relaxed.

Thank you! We are set to relaxed and are going at 5-6 crowd levels so sounds like I can relax :slight_smile:

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