Shark Reef


Has anyone done shark reef at TL? What did you think?


It's nice, but very quick. you really don't have time to look around, they keep you swimming across, you really only have like a minute or so in the water at a time. It's a nice introduction to snorkeling, but not a replacement for it.


They give you a bit more time if you're earlier in the day, since it's not as busy yet. I thought it was really neat, and a bit cooler water, but not freezing like some have said. I would definitely do it again. The only thing I recommend is rinsing off the mask and snorkel under the shower before you line up. The chemical they use to sterilize them will burn your skin and eyes.


I thought it was incredible and would heartily recommend it! I didn't feel rushed but did want more time afterwards. The shark are big enough to give you a thrill, the water is a bit colder but feels good in the FL heat. Do it! It's so much fun!