Sharing vs private table

I searched but failed to find anything. We’ve cruised twice before, once in a party of 10 and once as 9. Those times our group took up our own table.

This time we are just 4. How likely are we to get our own table for rotational dining vs having to share? How do we request our own table? I know sharing could be fun but we are pretty introverted and would like family time at dinner (especially if the kids spent the whole day in the kids club).

Thanks for any insight or tips!

P.s. if it makes a difference we chose second seating

My disclaimer is that I haven’t cruised before, but I did a lot of research into DCL and it sounds like there is a lot of sharing of tables among people who would rather sit alone. If you browse through trip reports you will see some examples.

I didn’t ask for a private table but I think I only saw one family not sharing at early dining. I will say that although our table mates were lovely, they did a really bad job of matching us.

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Our travel agent noted our request of a private table for our upcoming cruise. If you don’t have a travel agent you could call DCL and make the request. We know that it’s just a request and there’s a good chance we won’t be able to get a private table at main dining, but I figure it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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We’ve cruised a lot, but mainly RCL since our first DCL trip. I’m not sure if there’s a place in your DCL online cruise info to put in a request for big table or small (on RCL there is). But once you are on the ship, in the afternoon you should be able to stop by your assigned dining table to see what size it is and exactly where. If you want to change, then you should be able to talk to a maitre d’ about switching tables. It might take a day to reassign you. Lots of people rearrange their plans, like changing times or tables.

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This is a good idea to stop in early on embarkation day. We’ve got a request for private table in with our TA. Guess we just wait to see what happens now.

We just got back from our first cruise on the Dream. I called DCL and requested a private table before we sailed. We are pretty introverted too, so it was awesome that they honored our request.


Glad to hear a success story.

I didn’t request a private table, but we were a foursome by ourselves at early dining. Not sure if our TA requested it, but I don’t remember seeing anyone sharing.

I don’t know whether your cruise is still a go, but thought I would report back on our experience. We requested a private table for 3 with main dining. Our request was granted. We sailed on Feb 29th, so I don’t think our ship was full, which may have helped us in our request.

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We’re not cancelled yet. I’m almost certain we’ll have to reschedule, but still to be determined.

Thanks for the follow up!

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