Sharing spreadsheets?

Hi all! I know for many of us, planning the trip is half the fun!
I’m looking for a new planning spreadsheet to use and wanted to check if anyone would be willing to upload and share theirs!
I saw a really awesome, detailed one posted awhile back but I forget by who - maybe @mousematt?
I’ve been using mine for a few years but would love to switch it up.

Edited to add my own, in case anyone is interested!

The one I used for my May 2020 Trip That Never Was I think I found on reddit: here it is

I also have printable version that’s not so fancy, an excel version that looks hideous because it’s for my eyes only, and probably like 50+ Word docs with Disney tips and notes because I can’t seem to keep all my information in one place. Sooo I’m probably not the best person to respond here :sweat_smile:

I found that taking your TP and the times and transferring that to a spreadsheet worked best for me. Then customizing/adding notes & info and having a small individual plan to print per day. Here is my post with a spreadsheet image [AK2020] of an Animal Kingdom plan: