Sharing refillable mug with 2yo?

No judging. DS2 won’t be on DDP. So he won’t feel left out we bought him a special Cars cup to bring. How big of a deal would it be if one of us poured our drink in his cup and the refilled ours? He’s too young to get his money’s worth with his own mug but I know he’ll feel sad and left out.

I believe sharing all food and drink with a child under 3 is completely allowed by every Disney rule. It sounds like a great plan.


The only consideration is that the RFID (?) chip in the cup will time you out so you cannot refill before a certain time interval passes.

Isn’t it like 2 minutes?

I don’t recall but I feel like it is longer than that.

Some people have said 2 minutes but I couldn’t get 2 drinks during the time it took me to eat a meal.

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If he was 3, he’d automatically be on your dining plan and therefore have a cup, so I say this is 100% ok. You just have the annoyance of the timeout on your cup as @OBNurseNH mentioned.

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Looks like you can’t get juice anyway which is disappointing so now I see little use.

You can get a juice with breakfast and use your cup for your drinks.

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Really? That’s really all I want for the kids so that’s great.

You can also get cold milk in the cup, and I don’t think that or tea/coffee is time limited. The soda machines are though.

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I did not think milk was included with the mugs?

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We always got milk at the Contemporary and Beach Club. Not sure about Kidani.

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Do those resorts have milk dispensers? This could definitely tip the value proposition of the QS dining plan for us but I’ve always only seen the milk in cartons! I wonder if SSR has milk available.

I didn’t think they do. Just half and half dispensers for coffee I thought milk was bottled

No milk dispensers. One of my biggest complaints.
It made the mug not a good value for my 4 year old as he only drinks milk and water.