Sharing Memory Maker-November 2016


I read in the 2017 Guide that people sometimes share Memory Maker and split the cost. I followed the url provided, but couldn’t figure out how to start a new thread on it. Is it OK to ask here if anyone will be there 11/13-18 and would like to share MM?



Yes it’s ok to ask. Another good place to find liners to share with is the month specific Facebook pages. Are you on the November FB group yet?

No, I didn’t know that existed! Is there a link to info about how to set up sharing one? Thanks so much.


I used this ebook. It was worth the $1 in my opinion but in all fairness you can likely find the information for free by browsing the forum.

I am there Oct 24-26 I was looking for a group to share and unable, if you need someone I would be interested!!


I would like to share going Nov 13-18 - would like to see 5 or 6 people in the group! Same exact dates as you Katie!

My family will be there 11/13-11/18 as well…definately interested in sharing!

Also, I am trying to get a ADR for lunch at Sci-fi on Mon, 11/14 and would be willing to trade lunch at BOG on Fri 11/18. Any takers?

We are there from Oct 22 - Oct 29. I don’t have any idea how the sharing works but it is something we are interested in.

Hello. I will be there 11/12-11/19 and am interested in joining a MM group.

We will be in the world from Nov 5-9 is there still room to add to this memory maker or are there enough people interested to need 2 groups? please send an email to meghann dot mathews at gmail dot com if i can join in! we did a share back for our trip in may and would love to do another for our short november trip.