Sharing memory maker in March

Looking to share memory maker with someone. Will be in the world 3/28-4/1. TIA:)

I’ve never done a share before, but can’t your dates be somewhat far apart and still share? I’m going from 4/15-4/23 and would be interested in a share if our dates are close enough together to share.

My family of 4 will be at WDW 3/20 to 3/23. Definitely interested in sharing but unsure of the process even though I’ve read tons and tons of stuff. Might be the migraine I have is preventing me from comprehending. Let me know if you are still interested in this.

Hello! I actually found 3 other people to share on chat. Maybe the two of you would like to share. If so, I would recommend posting in chat to request for 2 others to join you. It is a great way to save some money :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply!

aaaannnnnnd, how do I get to Chat? lol I am helpless today. Thanks for responding.

nvmd, I found it through the mobile app.

Yes I M not sure if you can find my post on there, but there were a few others who messaged me on there that were still looking too.

Hi mamatoalex, I was unsure of the window we would have because our trips are a month apart but I thought there was a 30 day limit. However, I just read that pictures expire 45 days after taken or 30 days after 1st download. I am willing to set it up if someone will clue me in on the process. As in…do I have to make a separate MDE account just for the photopass share? Will the 2nd account mess up my 1st account linked with magic bands or is there no problem linking the magic bands to 2 separate accounts? Anyone?

crkeenan, I could not find your post. 27 pages :stuck_out_tongue: if it is still in your “My Chats” you think you could post my email and that I’m interested as well? its my

Yes will post it now. If you can look in a few minutes should be towards the top of chat boards. Looks like there were a few others still looking :slight_smile:

Just posted and it should be easy to find now.

Wanting to share Memory Maker. We will be at DW 3/18/16 -3/28/16.