Sharing Memory Maker - how does it work?

I’ve seen some posts in chat and elsewhere - people looking to share a memory maker account on the same dates to WDW. How does that work? What are the risks? Does this mean they split the cost?

I’d like to know this too. Going to WDW twice in January. Never spent money on photos. If I could join with one or two other parties, I think I would try it. (My first trip starts 1/3/15).

This post explains how it works

I organized one for my November trip and am also organizing one for my April trip. There is a FB group called Disney Photopass Share. You would probably have an easy time finding a share group there.

I’d stick to one that limits to 5 or 6 families. (5 families ended up being $33 each)

My trip starts 1/15…I’d be interested, too!

Thank you, what an excellent guide!

BTW, I was denied membership to the FB group and it has a notification that it is closing. Is there another group that you are aware of?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

The directions in Dopeyruns blog have been removed. Are there directions any where else?