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Hi, we have made reservations for our party of four in May . We aren’t huge eaters especially for breakfast so tend to share three meals between four of us. We have booked a table for four. If we don’t order four meals will it be classed as a cancellation and we will be charged for one missed booking? If we book a table for three would they not let four in? My daughter is 10 but classes as an adult at Disney she is tiny and literally eats tiny portions hence why we can get away with three meals. We then tend to use unused credits on snacks to bring home! Thanks for any thoughts on this topic .

You need the reservation for 4, or one of you will not get in.

At the moment, up until towards the end of July, you can order whatever you like. Coffee and a cupcake if you want!


Exactly what I was going to say. With them taking dinner to a prix fixe meal, I would not be one bit surprised to see them make breakfast (and maybe lunch - though I don’t see the number of “coffee and cupcake” questions about lunch) the same. They have to be losing money the first hour or so they are open with the number of people booking for coffee and a cupcake just to try and get a jump on the line for a mediocre “coaster” (IMHO). If not prix fixe, then at least back to what breakfast initially began as - one price for adults and one price with a choice of meals for that - but everyone pays the price of a meal whether they eat it or not.

You can get all kids meals which aren’t as big. BOG breakfast are not generous imo.

Again, for now. They may take it to the original intent which was a fee of X for adults and Y for children with meal choices within that. If they do that, adults would be charged as adults just like at a buffet or family style meal.

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The dinner is going to be prix fixe soon. I am allergic to eggs, I don’t like pancakes and waffles, I am not a fan of cronuts. I wasn’t impressed with the meat platter that I got on one trip. I got the kids meal with crepes and yogurt on this past trip in November. I usually eat oat or rice cereals for breakfast.

No. If you have an ADR, only 1 person has to show up to avoid the no-show charge. Book a table for 4, because that’s how many you are… and then order whatever you want to eat.

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I know that. There is still rumor that they will take breakfast to what it was intended to be - a prix fixe meal with one price for adults and one for children and everyone must pay it. Far too many groups are ordering at best one meal and at worst one coffee just to get a jump on the lines. They have to be losing money at least the first hour or so they are open, and eventually that will have to be remedied.

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We didn’t get the ressie pre RD. I have seen people eat like piggies to get out to the park. I don’t care if I ever eat dinner there again.

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You might want to consider dropping the dining plan. Especially if your daughter is not going to eat adult portions. Crunch the numbers. You might be up for some significant savings.


Now that both of our kids are over 10, we would lose a ton of money on DP. It is better for us, for the next few years until their appetites catch up with pricing, to pay out of pocket or use gift cards.

(and this from someone who LOVES the convenience of the DP for the way it makes it feel more all-inclusive).