Sharing limit for Memory Maker

Hi everyone,

I’ve done some reading from various sources regarding the sharing of Memory Maker and it’s not clear to me if there is a limit to how many people can share one Memory Maker.

Here’s my situation; we’re a family of four and some friends (a party of seven) will be at WDW at the same time as us in late May. We’d like to split a Memory Maker but I seem to recall reading somewhere (can’t recall where) that only 10 magic bands could be linked to one MM. Is that right? Would that prevent us from sharing a MM?

OK, here’s my other question, which I’m sure has been answered plenty of times but I still don’t get the answer. Let’s say we do link our MDE accounts to share MM - does this mean my friends would have some level of control over my FP+ and dining reservations? I fully trust them not to mess with my stuff, just want to make sure I understand the full implications of linking up. I’ve read the tip about making a dummy MDE account which would solve that problem, just wondering if it’s necessary, and also not sure if the dummy account precludes any of us from capturing the on-ride photos on MM.

Sorry for the dumb questions, and thanks!

I am not completely sure about a limit on number of bands, but I have not seen one listed anywhere. As for the sharing of plans, once you add them onto your friend list you can check off the box that says view only shared activities. They would not have access to your reservations or fast passes from what I understand. There is another box about sharing photos below that and you would have to make sure that box is checked for the Memory Maker share.
Not a dumb question at all! Ask away, that is what we are here for!

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Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it. I’ve not tried to link MDE accounts before so that’s good insight on what to expect.

The threads where bunches of people join together for group MM implies to me that I shouldn’t have a problem with my group but was wondering if anyone could offer a count as to how many they’ve successfully attached to one MM.

I don’t know of any limits on the number of bands in a share. We had 14 in ours and it worked well. I think you’ll be fine.

FWIW we did use a dummy account. Everyone will see your ADRs and FP+ reservations but they can’t modify them.

Excellent thanks very much - we’re going for it! :grinning:

OK, one more question. Got the dummy account set up and linked our ‘real’ accounts to it - but only the primary person. When I tried to add my wife and daughters (who I manage through my account) to the dummy account I get an error. Is that expected behavior? And if, say, my wife has Photopass pics taken with her Magic Band would those pictures still be available through Memory Maker and the dummy account?