Sharing DxDDP credits with another room going away?

Make sure to report back. We are doing this in July.

Since you just did this and I’m thinking about it for next year, were you able to get connecting rooms with this situation? Did you make 2 separate reservations and then call to get them to combine them and request connecting rooms?


I was able to get connecting rooms at AKL. It does have to be two separate reservations. I did it with an AP room discount. You have to call and tell the CM to put a note in the system that you are traveling with reservation# and that connecting rooms is the most important request. You might not get other requests, but they try really hard to honor that one.

Yes, that’s what we did. We called and they added our request in the notes. The rooms were not “combined” so to speak but we requesting connecting rooms. They said that connecting rooms were not guaranteed but as we had more kids than adults, we would almost certainly get connecting rooms. We have all 4 times we have done this at POR, CBR, and Pop. We also sent TP faxes requesting connecting rooms and upper floor.

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Okay, I’m trying to figure out how to do it since i always like to save money on dining.

Did you make one reservation in one adult’s name and one in the other’s name?

Thanks again!

That’s how we did it.


Yep, that’s what we did.

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Quick update, we are leaving now. Had a great week and shared our dining credits successfully at all locations: chef Mickey, artist point, be our guest, crystal palace, 1900, and ohana


Also ate at tusker house and tiffins without any issues