Sharing DxDDP credits with another room going away?

So, I’ve been seeing this on both FB groups and the DIS. People saying that restaurants (most commonly H&V and 50’s Prime Time) will now only allow you to use the number of credits that are on your room reservation.
Has anyone else heard it experienced this?
We were thinking of purchasing the DxDDP for one room but using the credit to cover TS meals for both rooms we have that have different reservation numbers. I’ve always read that this was possible, but I don’t want to purchase the plan if it’s going to be a problem. It’s only a value if we can use it this way.

I have been in the world this week. I had the deluxe plan my first two nights and the regular plan for 5. I was asked twice this week if everyone at my table was on my reservation (they were). Tonight the server at ‘Ohana asked. It seems as if something may be changing? There was also a report on another board about LeCellier.


Dang it! I was going to use my picky eater GK’s snack credits for F&G festival snacks and just by her a banana. Such a shame to waste a great snack credit on a banana. :unamused:

With snack credits I think you’re fine (qs too) because you’re the only person at the counter and they don’t care who’s eating the food. I think it’s just a TS issue.

TS is the only thing I really care about. I wasn’t going to use any credits for qs meals. That’s a waste of dxdp credits.

Dis boards discussions and others have had mixed reports. Some have had issues, while others have had no problems at all. Many posters have emailed/called and gotten different answers. So who knows?

I have an email that says you can use your credits for others not on your reservation at your table as we planned to share between our two rooms in March. But of course, we know that the response of one CM is often different than another. I would think CS and snacks would be shareable though.

Are you still there @PrincipalTinker to do some recon if they ask again?

No, sorry- freezing in Massachusetts. I thought it was funny when they asked at ‘Ohana since I was not on the deluxe plan that night. For some reason I think Fontara Cocina was the restaurant that asked when I was using the deluxe plan. Both times I just responded we were all on the same reservation but as far as I know, they never checked? Of course the number of guests were the same. I noticed when they had me log into my dining account I could see I was an AP holder but I did not see DVC noted.

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I saw your trip report after I posted. Glad you had a good trip!!! I’ll find out first hand in 24 days.

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I was there early this month and had no problems sharing. They could see who was in the reservation - and on one or two occasions asked me about the reservation, but never gave me any trouble. It felt like they were trying to make sure to charge me the right buffet rate (for tip purposes) rather than trying to match it up to my room reservation to prevent me from using the credits on others.

We were a total of 8 people. DxDDP room had 2 adults, 11yo and 8yo. The other room had 2 adults, 12yo and 10yo. We were there for 4 nights, so received 48 DxDDP credits. This is how I used them:

Brown Derby - 8 credits for 4 adults. Paid OOP for 4 kids.
Yak & Yeti - 4 credits for family style meal for adults. Paid OOP for 4 kids meals.
Cape May - 8 credits for all
Garden Grill - 8 credits for all
O’hana - 8 credits for all
Morimoto - 4 credits for family style meal for adults. Paid OOP for 4 kids meals.
Teppan Edo - 8 credits for all

Everything I read (including Disney materials) said it was fine for us to use credits or pay OOP as we wanted, that it was ok to use your credits to purchase a meal for someone at your table who was not on the plan, and that I get to decide how to spend the credits - so if I wanted to spend them disproportionally on adults, it was ok.

I guess we used some kid credits for adult meals. . . but if Disney doesn’t want to allow that they can designate the credits as kid deluxe or adult deluxe credits like they do with the regular DDP. By not designating them, it seems like they are specifically allowing you the flexibility to use them disproportionally.

The wait staff ended up doing better than they would have if we were not on the plan. Because the deluxe plan has appetizers, we ended up ordering multiple appetizers - and thus we paid more in tips.

My experience was about a month ago so maybe it is changing. . . just thought I’d let you know our relatively recent experience. We didn’t go to H&V or 50’s PT. The CMs in 50’s PT are always giving people a hard time so it could have been part of the act. We went there on the dining plan a couple of years ago and chose to pay OOP for some kids meals and the CM rolled his eyes at us.


I’m planning to visit in June and I have the Deluxe Dining Plan. My intention is to treat my parents to some meals. They are staying on property but do not have a dining plan. I was curious if you had any troubles on your March trip and if your email helped/was honored?

I know I’m not the one you were asking, but I was there 2 weeks ago, and we had two rooms, one with DxDDP, and one with no plan. We shared the credits out to pay for all the table service meals for both rooms and were never given a hard time. We went to many restaurants, including Crystal Palace, Trattoria Al Forno, Ohana, Trex, Sci Fi, Tusker House, Beaches and Cream, Raglan Road, Kona Cafe, Via Napoli, and Cali Grill. I think the controversy is all done, to be honest. I personally think it was a few rogue restaurant GM’s misunderstanding or ignoring the policy. I wouldn’t worry at all.

Good to know. We might do this when we take my family next spring. There will be 11 of us - 8 adults, 2 children and one “Disney baby” (i.e. under 3) - and we were hoping to add the DxDP to a studio with two adults and one child. That would give us a few character meals and/or buffets which I think is usually the best value for money. :slight_smile:

I was hoping to get Disney to put in an email that I could use my dining credits to pay for guests not on my room reservation. First time, I got no, only for guests on plan. Since I often get different answers from different CM 's , I tried again. This time i got that it was at the discretion of the location’s manager.
Thinking of getting an Annual Pass instead. With a 9 day park hopper and Memory Maker, i am close to the AP cost. Then I won’t have to worry for the next 5 months about the manager’s discretion

This. We were there at about the same time as you, and were able to share credits the entire trip. I just explained to the server that I would be covering everyone’s meals, and I wanted to use my dining credits for the X adults and pay for the kids’ meals out of pocket (or whatever combination made sense for that restaurant). We weren’t given a hard time even once. We shared at Trattoria al Forno, Garden Grill, Teppan Edo, Tusker House, Boma (dinner and breakfast), Saana, California Grill, Morimoto, Cinderella’s Royal Table, Jiko, and Ohana.

@illini74, that surprises me. I got an email just in case (though we never needed to pull it out) and I got it on the first try. Maybe try one or two more times?

I will give it a few weeks and then try again. I am going to run numbers with my actual ADR’s and see if I would do better with an AP instead. Since I have a 9 day park hopper and memory maker, i am within $150 of getting an annual pass.

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Third or fourth time was the charm! I can use my credits however I want to use them.

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Backside of Magic (sheds tear) was reporting that only Hollywood and Vine and 50’s Primetime were having any issues in the first place, but it sounded like those two were still having issues.

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MouseOwners reported issues at LsCellier too.

Perhaps my reply is too late for your trip but I thought I’d report back anyway. We were there in March for 9 days. We had no trouble at all sharing DxDDP between 2 rooms. We had an adult and 2 kids in one room and two Disney adults in the other (1 actual adult and 1 teen). We shared without trouble at Le Cellier, Rose and Crown, CRT, Plaza, CG, Artist Point, Y&Y, 1900 PF, MM, Homecomin’, and BOG. There was no question regarding kid vs. adult or about number of people in the room. We saved about $1300 compared to cost of plan, and we didn’t even get our allotted 5 appetizers and 5 desserts every meal. In a couple of cases, the kids were allowed to order of the adult menu when they found something they’d rather have. We even ended up with 3 credits left at the end that just went to waste, but we used all of our snack credits. Hope this continues to work as it’s a great options for groups and probably doesn’t affect that many guests.


Thank you so much and perfect timing! We leave next week.