Sharing Drinks?

Is it possible to share alcoholic drinks? DD28 can only have one drink on our trip in July, due to her meds. We definitely don’t want to stop the meds; they are too important. That means that she will need to choose the right drink at the right time, and if she picks the wrong one (doesn’t like it), that’s all she wrote.

My thoughts were to let her have a very little of my drinks so she can decide on the right drink.

Is that allowable?

I don’t see it being a problem.

We always taste each other’s drinks. I will get an ice water or I will order a drink and pass it on after a few sips. It has never been an issue.


Thanks, @TheSafetyLady and @PrincipalTinker ! I was hoping that would be the case.

If you want to let everyone around you take a sip, I don’t know who would stop you.


Well, just so we’re all on the same page, I am a germaphobe. I will not willingly drink after someone else; ever. My idea was to put a couple/three spoonfuls of my drink in a shot glass, erm, I mean a toothpick holder.

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But, but - if it is alcohol, it will kill the germs!


Ha! Our church says the same thing about the common cup.


100% with you! Will not drink after another, not even DH unless it’s dire circumstances. It just feels gross. Same think with silverware that has gone in someone’s mouth.

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Didn’t say it was logical lol
Think I’m more worried about food particles being back washed into said drink. :nauseated_face: