Sharing a tip about Flight Costs (and gaging when cheaper): Hopper

Hey Liners,

For those of you who haven’t already heard (I just learned about this), there is an application for your phone called Hopper. You put in your proposed flight route/dates, and this application will tell you what the range of costs are and when you should buy your flight to get the lowest cost. It will send you a notification if your flight cost is going to rise so that you can grab the flight before that happens. It’s pretty cool. One limitation, though, is that it doesn’t search American Airlines.


It looks like a cool app. Thanks for the tip. I just set it up for our next WDW trip.

Hopper also does not do Sourhwest. :frowning:

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Too bad about southwest. I’m using it to track prices out to San Francisco over Labor Day and I’m hopeful I’ll save some money as it predicts prices will go down before going up closer to the dates.

It isn’t great if coming from Australia. It pulled slightly cheaper flights than I could find online, but booked my flights for about 3k less than they advertised through my travel agent.
I’m sure it’s fantastic for other countries though.

Ooh, thanks for the tip! Just downloaded it to keep an eye on airfare for November!