Share your Disney holiday planning craziness!

I booked our next trip 606 (!) days in advance, right after we were back in February. It’s really annoying that the only thing I currently can do is to wait to be able to start proper planning :wink:


I too constantly check wait times throughout the day to make sure my TP will work out. Although I plan out every day I still try to leave time for spontaneity and changes in plans. To me planning is part of the fun. I love to do it and my wife loves that all the details are worked out and all she has to do is follow the plan.

Also I am obsessed with trying to find a better room at a better price. One never knows when Disney will ad a new promotion or open up more rooms so one has to check every day…many times during the day.


I walked around with a little spreadsheet stuck in my phone “wallet” for two weeks: MVT room cost, dining estimates, MVT tickets, Disney Free dining- cost and broken down, cost to upgrade all of the ticket types to APs if needed, comparison to all options…


@AgentJedwards, @Ladythomas, I’d love to see these tour books! Sounds like a great idea!! Can you post a link to them? I wish we could post attachments here!

I made my Disney file last weekend for our trip in 74 days!! Food menus for where we think we are likely to eat, all confirmations of bookings, insurance, maps. Just need fastpass day to happen to complete the file with touring plans and then will be good to go :tada: :tada:

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You people are all nuts – and that’s why you’re my favourites!

I have three versions of my plan. One is a broad outline in the Calendar app on my phone/iPad. The second is a detailed plan in 15-minute increments on an Excel spreadsheet. The third has timings marked on a map of each park so that I know where as well as when I need to be.

I have made and cancelled over thirty ADRs. And I have changed my FPPs over a hundred times.

I have been totally sucked into extras such as dessert parties and VIP tours.


Do you have a record of how many pairs of footwear you’ve returned? :grinning:

Just hope you ticked the “no emails” box for each!


I need to stop telling people things :rofl:

I currently have three pairs of shoes awaiting return.


Hahaha! I’m with you with the ADRs, except my DH won’t let me cancel unless I need to to make another, better, ADR!

And, yeah, we are doing Dining around the World and the Star Wars Dessert Party! HA! (we also got two food demonstration reservations that I think we are going to have to cancel…)

Please share your thoughts on the dessert parties After you go!

What dessert party are you interested in?

I’ll see what I can do later today. One part is an excel doc and the other is a ppt. For the making fun to look at, because excel is not!

Hey there! Does MVT mean Magical Vacations Travel, or is that some DVC reference.

I’m asking b/e we have a room reserved from a bounce back offer from last year to get free dining from 9/8 - 9/16 at CBR (and as it turns out, we are getting $75/day for the trouble of being at a resort under construction). Now we’re staying a few days extra, and I’ve been told my my travel agent that if I call and extend the booking by (2) days (so we don’t have to move out of the hotel) that we’ll lose the $75/day of free Disney bucks (aka - $600 free $$$ to spend on souvenirs).

I’m booking (2) days at an outside / off property hotel until I can get there and talk to the fine folks a the CBR desk. If I can get the free Disney $$ and extend the booking, then yes, let’s go for it. If not, well, I’m looking for other $$$ saving options to add park tickets (up to 2 days) and hotel rooms on to our stay.

Thanks @PrincipalTinker in advance!

the star wars and HEA.

I personally have been living through @profmatt’s shoe dilemma with him. Based on his final choice I will go by DH footwear. (No pressure or anything @profmatt).


You are my hero.

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OK, so I make plans on the MY DISNEY EXPERIENCE app, and have a list of things I want to get (like dining and fast pass dates / times) on a document in EVERNOTE.

NEXT, I start adding concrete data to my GOOGLE CALENDAR when it’s in stone (flights, rental cars, hotel, dining w/reservation #'s) so it’s easy to open. It’s on the correct date, and in the window of time, so I can see the plan.

NEXT, I add an all-day item on the GOOGLE CALENDAR with info for each day of travel from MY TOURING PLANS that relates to park hours, extra magic hours, crowd size, etc. I will update this and verify as we get closer to the trip date(s). This is really helpful when you’re trying to decide on a whim to park hop, or why your park is crazy busy (oh yeah, TP told me this, my bad).

When we’re solid on the Fast Passes, I add them to the days, and then use GOOGLE CALENDAR to plan wake / sleep times, travel / prep / free times, and yes, daily nap times. We go in September, it’s always crazy hot… we love our afternoon naps.

All addresses are in the DINING RESERVATIONS on my calendar, so I click it, and navigate there. No problem.

Once my fast passes are how I like them, I play with MY TOURING PLANS to get the park traffic flow I am looking for around the park(s). Really helpful, and yes, I use TP in the parks too… because it helps.

Just to be uber-organized, I print out everything in a take-along packet (to see what we have planned for each day), and I PDF it to the cloud for viewing in EVERNOTE.

This year we’re doing each day as a celebration (b/e we are spending so much of it at Disney… lol). One day is Valentine’s Day, one is our Anniversary, each of our birthdays… you get the idea. So that also involves more planning for each day which I CAN’T put in the calendar that he can see :smile::heart_eyes::joy:

Anyway, of all the things that I’ve learned with planning this, weddings, etc, is that you can’t make things perfect. However, a great plan with excellent intel and an easy-going spirit will make any vacation / event unforgettable.

So glad I’m in the same bowl - o - nuts as the rest of you, my peeps!!!


ONE MORE THING - If you are into dessert parties, or just add-on ticket fun, I can’t recommend CLUB VILLAIN highly enough. We’re waiting for them to announce if they are doing it this year, but it was fantastic!

You get to meet (4) evil queens, and have specified times for pictures (this is info from last year’s party). Dinner is included, and it’s pretty good (buffet style, lots of choices), and each Queen has themed desserts in their corner of the room, as well as themed alcoholic beverages.

Yes, open bar and themed drinks. You had me at hello.

It wasn’t cheap, but I would gladly do ONE of these experiences vs. a couple of the others. Also, IMHO, the Star Wars dessert party thing wasn’t very special, because it’s in the Launch Bay while it’s open to the regular public. So your food area is semi-private, but it’s not really… and it’s just a lot of money for desserts.


OOOps, forgot to mention the live DJ, and the dinner show with the villain from the princess and the frog, along with the dancers. Woot!

I think I read somewhere that there will be no more Club Villian. . .