Share touring plans

Hi all, sorry i’m new here.
Is there somewhere on where people can share personalised plans?
Also, from previous experience, how have you found using the plans? How accurate have the wait lines been?

Thanks in advance

You can publish your plans so others can see them and help you improve them, if that’s what you mean.

When you go into your TP, hit the EDIT button in the box immediately under the Plan Name.

At the bottom of the “Basic Plan Information” screen, there is a box down the bottom that says “Publish this plan”.

Click that and then hit SAVE.

You will then return to the plan, and at the top of the Info Box at the top, it will give you a URL that you can then paste into a post on the forum.

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As far as accuracy, you’ll see quite a few posts on that if you scan through recent posts. They are by no means infallible, but I have had a lot of success with the plans. The key is to remember that the TPs work off of data - lots of data that they are collecting every day. So setting a plan months in advance and then not optimizing or evaluating to use the most recent data is not a good idea.

My first trip using TPs as they are now, I made them in the site and then printed them a week in advance. They worked…mostly…there were definitely things that were off. Halfway through that trip, I switched to using the app where I could check things off and re-evaluate my plan if we were getting really ahead or behind. This worked much much better. The app lets you work with live data so you get a much more accurate plan.

Either approach works, just good to know what you might see happening depending on your approach.

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And welcome to the forum Ben!!

Thanks guys. Really looking forward to the holiday…didn’t realise how much planning is involved!!

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For me the planning turned into a bottomless pit which has actually revealed itself as a black hole. This forum had been invaluable. Good luck to you sir!

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