Shades of Green & Transportation

We have a split trip; first to Poly and then SoG. I know you can’t use ME with SoG but we will use it to get to Poly for the first stay. Any advice on a day in the park (likely EP) and then a 7 pm flight? If we are at SoG is it easiest just to monorail to Poly, walk to SoG and then Uber to MCO, which would let us stay in the park later? I thought I might be able to get ME from Poly on the way back to the hotel too but that doesn’t seem to be possible.

I have a thought for you.

Are you willing to schlep (or Lyft) your luggage over to the Poly earlier in the day and use their Resort Airline Check-in, to be rid of your luggage?

You could then take your personal items with you to your park of choice for the day, store them in a locker at the park, and then take your Lyft directly from the park to MCO.

I think that’s probably how I would accomplish a last day under those criteria.

I can’t comment on the DME/luggage aspect, because I always drive.

You have three options (assuming you’re at EP): (1) As you said, mono to TTC then mono to Poly, then walk up to SOG, (2) mono to TTC, SoG bus to SoG, or (3) mono to TTC, walk to Poly, the walk to SoG.

The SoG busses run on a clock schedule, not a dispatch schedule. For example, the last time I stayed at SoG busses departed the TTC on the half hour. So, if you timed it so that you arrived at the TTC shortly before the half hour, you could hop on an SoG bus and be delivered right to the resort. If times right, this would be your shortest total travel time. If you decide to use the Poly as a “hub” I think either of the other two options would probably be the same amount of time; it’s about a 10 min walk from the TTC to the Poly, and if you just miss a resort monorail it could actually take longer to wait for another than to have just walked it.

This is a very late comment but may help others. I found this on the SOG website and plan on using this service! “ Please note that even though we do not participate in Disney’s Magical Express transportation to or from the airport, we do have a service that makes your return trip to the airport a little easier. We can check you in for your return flight, check your bags and take them back to the airport for you for free. Just register 24 hours in advance at the Bell Desk located in the Porte Cochere. Your bags will get right on your flight without you having to haul them anywhere, and you’ll already have your boarding passes in hand. When you check out at the end of your stay, come to the Bell Desk and they can help you with the rest. Checkout is 11 a.m.