Shades of Green question

What does a properly linked SoG reservation look like on MDE for a room not containing the sponsor?

My BIL is sponsoring 3 rooms at Shades. My room (which does not contain the sponsor) currently lists five people. This is correct. What has me concerned is that on the right side of the screen there is a statement reading “Reservation made by: Non-sponsor family member.” Should that list the sponsor’s name?

I asked a Shades of Green Facebook page, but the answers there confused me even more.

I was going to try to get you a screenshot, but my sister’s room is linked to her MDE, not mine. Anyway, I’ve never had an issue. You can’t get a room at Shades unless you are properly sponsored, so I don’t think Disney cares who specifically made the reservation.

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Perfect! Thanks for the answer.

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As long as you have the reservation linked in MDE, I don’t think you’ll have any problems. I linked a room to SIL for our upcoming trip, not sure what it looks like on her end.

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