Setting Up for an 8am Booking Attempt

I will be trying to book a couple of nights at Boardwalk for December. I have been checking DVC and the Unlocked Magic Room Availability tool. I know I will have to get a booking at exactly 8am.

Can someone remind me how far I can go in the booking process? I can put in my dates but not hit search?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I searched the DVC topic because I think this has been discussed before but I couldn’t find the thread. Funny, I know I definitely knew how to do this in the past when I booked CCV!

I usually put in the dates and hit search ahead of time, but then choose “modify” my search or just refresh it. You definitely have to refresh the search at 8.

One beneift of doing it this way, is that I can set my screen up to be the most efficient, i.e. so I scroll as little as possible.

I shrink the screen size down (control -) so that all of my selections are visible on the page. Then right at 8 I refresh and then click, click, click (no scrolling). If there was availability showing before 8, I have always gotten what I want this way.


Thanks! I will set up a waitlist and look daily if I don’t get it.

I can’t believe how booked up everything already is. Good luck!


I am looking at that Unlocked Magic Room availability tool. I need a studio. Here are my two home resorts:


Two types of studios at CCV

I will bet that the one studio (with tub) available tonight at CCV will be gone before 8am.

Anyone planning on trying to book DVC for December and want me to look for you, PM me. It is updated twice a day (like the DVC Rental availability tool). This time of day is best view of the next day.

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If your booking was today (or yesterday) I hope it worked out!

Thank you! My computer gave me a hard time (7 dwarfs) but I got it on my phone first, then iPad. I was a second early (I was so last minute maybe I read wrong) but I ended up getting the garden view studio! Five minutes later I decided to waitlist the standard view too. I will stalk the days too because 8 points at BWV go a long way!

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Great, that availability has been so tight a room is a room! But yeah, those standard points charts are beautiful. I hoard every point I can.

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A little over six weeks later I received an email today that my reservation was cancelled. Even though I know that is what happens when your wait list comes through these days it still made me a little nervous.

My dashboard now shows a Boardwalk standard studio.

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That always makes me so nervous too! Congrats on getting the Boardwalk view!

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