Setting up a Memory Maker Share

Hey everyone. How do you set up a memory maker share? I’d like to set one up with someone who is arriving 3 days before we arrive and staying after we leave and someone who is arriving the day after our last day in the park. I’d like to know a few things - can we set up a MM that will work for all 3 of us even though there may be a day gap of when we’re in the park? If none of us accesses the pictures until the day that the last person leaves Disney, does the 45 days start that last day? If someone would point me in the right direction regarding how to set up a MM share and explain how one works, I’d really appreciate it!

When I did my first share this is the document I used to get everything set-up correctly. It was $1 well spent.

Pictures expire on a rolling basis at 45 days old. Once you remove the watermark/download your MM is activated. You have 30 days to add more photos, edit, and download. The system becomes unstable the more downloads you do so try to limit it to one or two downloads. then everyone gets their photos from the my downloads section.