Setting up a dummy account

What all needs to be different to effectively pull of the “Dummy account”?

I know I have to use a different e-mail from my normal account but is there anything else that HAS to be different to make this work?

Names. The names need to be different so you can tell them apart from your other account and so if you link as friends and family the MDE system does not try to merge the two accounts. Your account is for extra FPP, sharing MM, or making over lapping ADRs?

It is for getting the extra FP+ with my MVMCP tickets.

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Also, if I choose the standard USPS mail option, do they sent me an RFID card?

Ok. You can either make a whole other MDE account or you can just make dummy profiles, significantly different from your current profiles, in your actual MDE account. Both ways have been reported to work. FPP at 30 days for your party ticket. How many in your travel party? Staying on site?

Thats what I did last year and yes I got the card in the mail a few days after purchasing.

Just us 2 (DH and I) and we are onsite.

Just as a recap:

I can make dummy profiles and still get the extra FP+ for the day of my party. I just scan the RFID cards sent to me in the mail instead of my MB at the tapstiles for those FP+ ressies.

All 6 FP+ need to have an end time no later than 6:30 so that they are not cancelled / reassigned to another time.

Anything else @AuntB_luvsDisney ?

That’s pretty much it.

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I will PM in a few minutes. Walking and typing is not going great.

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