September vacation

Hi everyone! We’re going on a family trip on September 8th! Am I crazy! Should we reschedule for another time? Do y’all think if we just avoid DHS it will be ok? I’m just flipping out a bit that MK and I think AK are opening up at 7 am​:woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3: Is that because they think it’s going to be that crazy?? Thanks for all the help!

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I think the crowds at that time will be anyone’s guess. Just look at the light crowds at DLR during the SW:GE opening. In my mind, I doubt that will be repeated at WDW in late Aug/early Sept. But then again, how many people will be taking their kids out of school to see SW:GE during the first or second week of school. I just don’t see that happening.

To me, the 7 am EEMH at MK and AK serve to entice people to book onsite rather than offsite. Maybe bookings are softer than expected and they want to fill up the resorts? (wishful thinking, maybe).

We’re going end of Sept, and I have no plans to change it up.

eta: I’m sure HS will be a nightmare, and I’m still not sure we’ll actually go over there during our trip, but I’m hoping the crowds across the rest of the World will be manageable. The weekends obviously will likely be worse, with locals and long-weekend vacationers coming out.

Well, we are exiting the bubble Sept. 6th :sob: and expect to have the time of our lives before then … even though these reservations were made long before the opening of Star Wars was announced. :rage: Like you we won’t be going to DHS. Yes it will be crowded. Disney is in hyperdrive these days incentivizing people to visit the parks regardless of the time of year, or hour of the day (i.e.: 7 am EEMHs) . You are not crazy … go with the flow and have fun! :partying_face: You will have great memories long after you’ve forgotten how many shoulders you bumped into all day long.

If it’s anything like DLR the crowds at the other parks is going to be low. This was discussed on this week’s Disney Dish podcast. They say that WDW is expecting low crowds at all the other parks hence the EMH at AK & MK.

I would still go. If I had a park hopper I might go peak at DHS either very early or very late one night just to check out that park and “maybe” SWGE. If I didn’t like the crowds, I’d bolt over to another park.

Thank you! Fingers crossed it will be JUST like DL-wishful thinking but maybe!! All the crowd calendars are showing larger crowds as the year goes on. I guess only time will tell!

:joy::joy:so true!! I remember when we’d go in September and literally NO ONE was there! Those days are long gone!:weary: