September Trip Report - Adventures with JJ

Never posted in forum but was encouraged by my liner friends in chat to post this here. It includes our adventure following around JJ and his awesome Boston family. Thanks!


Thanks for the report! Your JJ story was great (I followed it on chat that day).

We are driving to WDW also, but wasn’t sure about using our car to get to MK for RD. I’ve heard mixed opinions. I was wondering what your experience was like?

Hey Jenn. The only time we’ve ever had an issue is when the monorail is delayed. We leave our resort (usually CBR) around 7:50. Our goal is to be through the tap-stiles by 8:30 at the latest. I’ve found lately that the ferry tends to be a slightly more dependable option than the monorail but you’re at the mercy of Disney Transportation either way. Both the monorail and the ferry IMO are more dependable than trusting a bus to arrive at your resort stop and get you there on time. Hope that’s helpful.

Thanks! Very helpful.

We also drive everywhere, including MK. Agree about the ferry being more reliable than the monorail, it seems to break down a lot. We usually park in the front row of the TTC as long as you get there early enough, and then it’s a fairly quick ferry ride over. We did use the bus this past April for a mid-day break and I was quite impressed I must say. It was quick, the air condition was working great, and then our car remained in the front row, making for an easier getaway after staying late at MK that night.

Great trip report! I don’t know what a Boston accent sounds like so I read those parts in the voice of Howard’s mum from Big Bang Theory.

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Thanks for the info. I was going to try the bus from CBR to MK, but I think I’ll just drive.

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We’ve done that as well Wahoohokie. Buses are always more efficient during the midday hours. Good call.

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What a wonderful trip report! Makes me wish I could take advantage of those low September crowds.

Thanks for the great trip report! We are headed to CBR for the first time (we have only stayed at CSR) next September, so it was really great to read about your experience. This will be our first time in Disney World in September so I am glad to hear you experienced low crowd levels. That and MNSSHP were the main reason we are trying September for our next trip,

Fantastic report, @dmwiggins!! What an amazing trip you had! :smile: Thanks for sharing it with us!