September touring plan review

KMy family (DH, DD6, DD4, DD1) will be going to Disney the middle to end of September. We will be staying at AOA for 8 nights but will be going to the parks x 6-7 days. I have made 5 touring plans and plan to redo favorites at Magic kingdom the other day. I haven’t been to the world in over 10 years and I want to make sure that these army too ambitious for my little ones. I am hoping being September we can get a lot done. Also the late night at Magic kingdom is followed by a resort/DTD day.

I also wanted to say that my children nap well in strollers and we would most likely not benefit from taking a mid day break. I prefer to just leave earlier and only catch 1 night time show to keep them on schedule for their 8 pm bedtime.

The only problem I see with napping in strollers is that you have no break time scheduled in. Will the rest of the family continue to tour as planned while someone sits with the sleeping one in the stroller? Strollers are not allowed on attractions or at shows or in restaurants. You will have to hold the sleeping child if you are continuing to tour while they nap. If you have deep sleepers or a baby carrier for the youngest this might work okay. Stroller naps work great when you are hanging out in the park for a rest, during rider swap, waiting for a parade, etc. Not so good when trying to get into shows or rides.

I also noticed that during potential nap time you have attractions scheduled that the littlest one would like. I noticed Epcot has the seas in the afternoon. This is one of the best things for little ones at Epcot. Will they be awake or asleep at that time? You might double check which attractions are during your normal nap time and adjust accordingly.

There is lots of walking at Disney, over 10 miles a day on average for us with little ones. The afternoon break is really a good idea even if you don’t leave the park. We plan to schedule only one long park day during our trip.